About Emergency Prep Gear

All Real Gear

Most emergency gear suppliers sell cheap, insufficient gear. Frankly, most cheap gear isn't durable enough to last the first 72 hours in a real emergency.

We ONLY offer durable, name-brand gear. We only offer gear you can count on in a real emergency. 

Be Prepared and Survive

Emergencies come out of the blue and happen all the time. It's important to be prepared for crisis and challenging events as they may come. EmergencyPrepGear.com provides you with key emergency equipment and supplies, food, emergency kits, first aid, and other products necessary in many survival events. We hope to prepare you for the unforeseen.

We're Prepared

We try to live by preparedness values. We share many qualifications including:   Eagle Scout ,   C.E.R.T   certified, and more. We have various levels of food storage, emergency kits, 72-hour kits, first aid kits, water storage, etc. to help protect our families and others in our stewardship for times of need.

On occasion we have had to make use of the items we have on hand and we've been very thankful to have the resources handy.

The products on this website are sold based on availability. On occasion they may go out of stock because of large orders or large-scale emergencies requiring significant resources. We try to fill the orders as soon as possible but may contact you with other options in the case the order can't be fulfilled in a timely manner.

Prepare Today!

We urge you to ACT NOW!   Set up your preparedness plans and acquire the appropriate gear, food, water, shelter, etc. now for those you are responsible for. Prepare and protect them and gain peace of mind.

We wish you luck in your emergency preparedness efforts!