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Everyone finds themselves in an emergency situation at some point. A lot of peace of mind can come from the well established Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. Emergencies happen around us all the time. The right preparation can save lives and improve a situation-gone-wrong significantly.

EmergencyPrepGear.com is your resource for emergency kits and checklists, survival kits, first aid kits, survival gear, emergency preparedness plans and information, preparation products amont other resources. The site is made up of two components: 1) guides and how-tos 2) product catalog. Our goal is to help you find the righ survival gear so you can prepare ahead of time to help your loved ones and others in the time of need. It is key to have an emergency preparedness plan and the right emergency preparedness gear so you can take care of basic human needs.

EmergencyPrepGear.com is dedicated to helping you plan and acquire the right survival gear so you are ready for whatever may come.

We take emergency planning, training, and gear aquisition very serious. We spend a TON of time in the outdoors and traveling the country. We have experienced dozens of emergency situations, interviewed many survivors of natural disasters and other emergencies and have learned some pretty valuable life lessons.

A Note from the Editor

A couple of years ago I took my son to ball practice. As we got out of the car, we saw the grandmother of one of the teammates slip on the ice and go down HARD. I knew she was hurt the second her head hit the pavement. I slowed my son down so we didn't have multiple casualties to worry about.

As I got to her I felt my eyes grow wide. Blood seeped from her mouth and she wasn't breathing. It was the biggest gut check! Do you know what to do?

Years of training in the Boy Scouts as a boy and leader gave me just enough information to walk through the right steps. My heart was pounding and the adrenaline was coursing.

Step 1 - Yell for help!!!

Step 2 - Assess the injuries

Step 3 - Work on each need based on priority – We gotta get her breathing again!!

Within minutes we had a group of people chipping in and bringing necessary gear. 911 was on the way, she was breathing, a pile of blankets insulated her from the cold, we gave her the best chance possible.

The ambulance arrived and the pros took over – thank goodness!!!

Fast forward a few years later – grandma is still attending basketball games.

Occasionally, I’m haunted by what could have been. A little training and the right gear made ALL THE DIFFERENCE.

Emergency Prep Gear is dedicated to getting us ready for the next emergency or survival situation.

Be Prepared with the Right Gear and Survive

Emergencies come out of the blue and happen all the time. It's important to be prepared for crisis and challenging events as they may come. EmergencyPrepGear.com provides you with key emergency information, equipment and supplies, food, emergency kits, first aid, and other products necessary in many survival events. We hope to prepare you for the unforeseen.

We're Prepared

We try to live by preparedness values. We share many qualifications including: Eagle Scout, C.E.R.T certified, and more. We have various levels of food storage, emergency kits, 72-hour kits, first aid kits, water storage, etc. to help protect our families and others in our stewardship for times of need.

On occasion we have had to make use of the items we have on hand and we've been very thankful to have the resources handy.

The products on this website are sold based on availability. On occasion they may go out of stock because of large orders or large-scale emergencies requiring significant resources. We try to fill the orders as soon as possible but may contact you with other options in the case the order can't be fulfilled in a timely manner.

Prepare Today!

We urge you to ACT NOW! Set up your preparedness plans and acquire the appropriate gear, food, water, shelter, etc. now for those you are responsible for. Prepare and protect them and gain peace of mind.

We wish you luck in your emergency preparedness efforts.

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