Avid preppers claim a good knife is the top choice if you could choose only one piece of gear for an outdoor survival situation. With a survival knife or multi-tool you can hunt, prep fire fuel, defend yourself, build shelter, etc. The key is to have a reliable, sturdy blade. In an emergency the right knife and cutting tool at the right time can make life so much easier. Shop the best survival knives and multi-tools. Emergency situations can be minimized if you are ready with the appropriate knives and cutting emergency equipment and survival gear.

Be sure you have the right cutting gear and tools and know how to use them. Take training to know how to deploy your tool. The right tool in the right hands can be a life saver. The Emergency Prep Gear emergency knives and cutting tool selections contain high-quality gear and tools to help you deal with crisis and critical events. 

Go with quality (which can mean expensive), well known brands when shopping for a knife or multitool. You don't want to scrimp on your most valuable survival tool.

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