Best Emergency Kit Checklists

Build your own DIY survival kits, emergency kits, first aid kits and more with these complete checklists. The checklists include product recommendations and reviews. Buy survival products online or print out the downloadable survival checklists.

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We recommend reading our robust guide to emergency kits before choosing a checklist.

Survival Essentials Checklists

Prepare the essential gear for survival situations. Make sure you have the most critical emergency items. Pages contain checklists and recommended products.

Survival Essentials Kit

The most essential personal survival gear

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First Aid Kit

First aid kits for personal and home

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Emergency Toiletries Kit

Emergency toiletries for personal and home

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Survival Every Day Carry

Personal items for every-day emergencies

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Go-Bag Checklists for Evacuations

Be ready for rapid evacuation in case of natural disasters or man-made emergencies.  These go-bags are perfect for getting out of Dodge. Pages contain checklists and recommended products.

Bug Out Bag

The ultimate go-bag for long term evacuation

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72-Hour Kit

Survival gear for short term evacuation

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Basic Emergency Kit

Budget-friendly gear for basic evacuation

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Evacuation Checklist

Comprehensive Evacuation Checklist

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Survival Kit Checklists for Outdoor Survival

When you venture outdoors, be sure you have the right survival gear to get back home safe. Pages contain checklists and recommended products.

Day Packs

Survival gear to help you get back home safe

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Survival Kit

Ultimate outdoor bag for adventures

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Household Evacuation and Shelter-at-Home Checklists

Be ready to evacuate or shelter-in-place with your household with the right emergency gear. Pages contain checklists and recommended products.

House Kit

Emergency kit for household evacuation

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Long Term Supplies

Supplies for long term shelter-in-place

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Pet Checklist

Checklist of supplies and gear for pets

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Specialty Checklists

Find emergency kits and checklists for emergencies away from home.

Auto/Car Kit

Emergency kit for vehicles

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Workplace Kit

Emergency kit for Workplaces

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School Kit

Emergency kit for Schools

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Boat Kit

Emergency kit for Boats/Watercraft

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Emergency Kit Types

We wish we there was a one-size-fits-all emergency kit. While we recommend our complete survival system, we realize everyone has a unique household, lifestyle, budget, location, climate, etc. Below we discuss the various emergency kit types so you can choose the best one for your situation.

We hear all sorts of terms thrown around for emergency kits. So, what's the difference between an emergency kit, survival kit, 72 hour kit, bug out bag, house kit, etc? Do they have different purposes? Do they contain different gear? Or, are they all the same thing with different names?

The way you intend to use your kit will determine the type of gear it has. Some kits are generic and some are very specialized. Each household should have the right kits and gear on hand. In fact, each household member should be ready with gear specific to their needs.

This page introduces each kit type. Clicking below will take you to a page with the topic discussed in full detail along with the equipment/supply list if you are building your own kit. Let's explore each type of kit.

Type Kit Checklist Purpose
Essential Gear   General use (personal)
  Every Day Carry (EDC) Checklist Items you have with you every day
  Emergency Essentials Kit Checklist Essential survival gear
Go Bags   Leave home indefinitely (personal)
  Bug Out Bags (BOB) Checklist Ultimate survival kit with gear for long term survival away from home
  72 Hour Kit Checklist Emergency kit with gear for short term survival away from home
  Basic Emergency Kit Checklist Basic kit for general emergencies
Survival Kits   Get back home safe (personal)
  Day Pack Checklist Survival gear for regular outings
  Survival Kit Checklist Survival kit for the outdoors
Home Emergency Kits   Shelter in place (household)
  House Kit Checklist Emergency kit for home use
  Bulk Supplies and Equipment Checklist Emergency supplies and equipment for home use
Specialty Emergency Kits   Special location (communal)
  Office/Work Place Checklist Emergency kit dedicated to the office/work place
  School Checklist Emergency kit dedicated to schools
  Vehicle and Travel Kits Checklist Emergency kit dedicated to auto emergencies and trips
  Boat Kits Checklist Emergency kit dedicated to aquatic emergencies and trips
  Pet Kits Checklist Emergency kit dedicated to specific pets

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