20 10 26 11 41 13 original 600x600 compact duct tape
20 10 26 11 41 13 original 600x600 compact duct tape

Emergency Duct Tape - Compact Roll

Duct tape can be used to fix things, use as firestarter (burns great), used for first aid, etc. These travel sized, light weight rolls are a great addition to go-bags and pouches. 

The rolls are compact and don't have a large cardboard center. These are ideal for simple survival needs.

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Survival Purpose

First off, we didn't know how well duct tape burns until we bumped into a video. We tested it - it makes awesome firestarter for your tinder. We have used it to repair tents, clothes, apply splints, fix hatchets, and more. Duct tape is an awesome all around fixer. 

These rolls are compact and slide into any pocket or pouch. They don't have a lot of tape on each roll but they're intended for simple tasks.

What We Like

  • Compact - they fit anywhere
  • Handy - the rolls have enough tape to cover common survival needs

Tips and Recommendations

  • Add a roll to a number of kits and locations so one is always handy
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