Multi-Tool Tips

Most multi-tool functions are straight forward. A knife cuts, a file grinds, and a can opener...well you get the idea. With years of use, we've come across some pretty cool tips.


Untying a Bad Knot? Use Stronger Fingers

Have a knot synched up too tight to undo? Use your needle-nosed pliers to grab part of the knot and work it undone. If you have 2 pairs of pliers it's that much easier. I never undo my kids double knots on their shoes with my fingers - out comes the Leatherman.

Zip Ties

Cut zip ties with the wire cutter, NOT the blade. You have way more control with the cutters on the pliers because the zip ties are fairly rigid. 


Cutting Cord

Use the serrated blade for cutting cord. The waved shape of the blade applies the perfect cutting pressure and angle for a quick cut.

Cutting Tape on a Package

Use the blade but put your finger tip on the spine of the blade just above the tip of the blade. Your finger tip will act as a dept gauge as the knife runs along the tape so you don't cut too deep.

General Safety

  1. Never cut toward youself or someone else
  2. Honor the "blood circle" - when using a blade, make sure there's no one in the radius of your outstretched arm in any direction
  3. Use a sharp blade - dull blades require more force and cause more accidents

Swiss Army Knife Tools


Some Swiss Army Knives have this hook shaped too. Use it to lift hot pots off of the fire. You know the wire handle? The hook is the perfect size. With the rest of the knife body you have the perfectly balanced handle to not burn your hand.


Micro Drivers

Some Leatherman multi tools have tiny screw drivers for glasses screws, etc. Be super careful with these. Don't over torque them or they'll strip.


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