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20 10 27 02 34 06 original 600x600 survival system   2 person

Survival Kit - 2 Person

Waterproof bag with real survival gear. The emergency kit contains tools, first aid, water filter, fire and warm outer clothing, paracord, and much more. 

It is a great starter kit. We expect buyers to customize it with personal gear.

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Survival Purpose

This survival kit is a great start for your emergency system. It fits Stage 2 perfectly with the waterproof back pack and sturdy gear. Buying this kit will save you a lot of time researching and purchasing each supply individually. It contains many of the products we recommend on this site and the other products are comparable.

What We Like

  • Quality - It has high quality gear for a ready-made emergency kit. While most emergency kit vendors try to hit a low price point and include cheap gear in their kits, the gear in this kit is high quality. This kit has the right stage 1 emergency gear for a two-person survival situation.
  • Waterproof - The waterproof bag is a huge plus. Most bags are water resistent but this one will protect the supplies inside.
  • Primary Essentials - The kit includes many of the high-quality essentials we recommend.
    1. Multi-tool
    2. Field knife
    3. Paracord
    4. Waterproof flashlight
    5. Water filter and pouch
    6. Communication device
    7. Facemask
    8. Shelter and warm clothes
    9. Basic first aid
    10. More
  • Clearly organized - The pack rolls out revealing clearly marked pouches for the gear.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Start here. This survival kit doesn't have everything we recommend in a survival system Stage 2 bug out bag but it's a great start.
  • Customize. Add personalized gear and supplies to get to Stage 2. Definitely add first aid supplies, clothing, etc.
  • Keep it handy. This kit is small enough to take on trips and day outings.
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