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Mother Nature and other adverse circumstances can pull us into tough situations. We can find ourselves in an emergency and in need of key survival gear without warning. We can plan for emergency events by having the right products on hand. Plan and be prepared with survival gear and other emergency supplies.

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The various regions of the United States are more prone to certain types of emergencies and crisis than other areas. Preparedness actions may differ based on the location. Some portions of the US are likely to see storms and flooding while others are prone to heat and drought.

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Everyone finds themselves in an emergency situation at some point. A lot of peace of mind can come from the well established Boy Scout motto:   Be Prepared . Emergencies happen around us all the time. The right preparation can save lives and improve a situation-gone-wrong significantly.   is your resource for   emergency equipment ,   preparation products ,   information and knowledge , and other resources. The site is designed to help you find what you need by region or emergency type. Our goal is to help you prepare ahead of time so you can help your loved ones and others in the time of need. It is key to have an emergency preparedness plan and the right emergency preparedness gear so you can take care of basic human needs.   is dedicated to helping you plan and acquire the right survival gear so you are ready for whatever may come.