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We're excited to meet you and share your expertise on If you would like to write an article or post for the site please reach out and let us know what you have in mind. 

Article Guidelines

All articles will pass through an approval process. Approvers will validate guideline adherance and content quality.

  1. Articles may not contain duplicate content from other sites except for small quoted text to build credibility.
  2. Topics must be approved before submission. We're currently looking for specific articles - see below.
  3. Grammar and spelling must be near-perfect.
  4. You article must be 'keyword-rich' but not 'keyword-stuffed'.
  5. We may adjust your content formatting and verbiage to match the tone of the site.
  6. Content:
    1. Write how-to, about, or expert information
    2. At this time NO time-based (news, product release, etc) content

Currently Seeking These Topics:

  • Product research
    • product comparisons
    • product experience
  • Survival tips
    • product tips
    • survival tips
  • Others considered (please let us know)


  • We allow 1 outbound link per 1,000 approved words.
  • Author credit with 1 outbound link

We look forward to hearing from you and posting your expert content.

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