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Emergency Kits - Ready Made

An emergency can strike at any time and anywhere. The key is to be prepared before hand. Survival rates can increase significantly when victims are ready with the appropriate emergency equipment and survival gear.

Be sure you have the right gear available. We recommend essential and supplemental emergency kits. Some of the included gear is specific in function for specific emergencies while some can be used in any emergency situation.

The EmergencyPrepGear emergency kits contain high-quality gear to help you deal with crisis and critical events. Many of the kits are appropriate for nearly any type of emergency including, natural disasters, terror situations, pandemics, accidents, and other hazards. The kits consist of a variety of food water, shelter, fire starting, first aid, navigation, signaling and communication, etc.

Consider acquiring the right size and number of kits for each individual you are responsible for. There are kits for individuals, families, schools and classrooms, work places, and more. Let us help you get outfitted for the next inevitable emergency.

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