20 10 27 02 25 40 original 600x600 emergency shutoff wrench
20 10 27 02 25 40 original 600x600 emergency shutoff wrench

Emergency Shutoff Wrench

In many emergencies (i.e. house fire) active utilities can make the situation much worse. A spark free valve wrench is needed to shut off gas lines, water pipes, etc. It's also designed to break through doors and other obstructions as well as dig through debris.

The wrench won't rust or spark.

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Survival Purpose

This gas and water shut off wrench is very handy for emergency situations. Years ago we were in a C.E.R.T training and at the end they gave us some gear. This wrench was included. They explained that urban fires and other disasters often require action to protect against additional destruction. 

We recommend keeping one of these in your Stage 3 emergency bin. It's heavy so it doesn't belong in a go-bag. However, it should be handy just in case.

What We Like

  • Wrench Options - you can turn off water and gas valves
  • Pry Tool - leverage open doors and other obstacles in a bind
  • Pick - break through doors, windows, and other obstacles

Tips and Recommendations

  • Safety - like any tool, follow instructions and be safe
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