Survival Gear For Specific Types of Emergencies

Mother Nature, man and other acting forces can create tough emergency situations. Without warning we can find ourselves in need of key survival gear. We can plan for emergency events by having the right products on hand. Plan and be prepared with survival gear and other emergency supplies. Find great survival products by emergency type:

Natural Disasters


We've seen hurricanes and their destruction in record numbers in recent years. Be ready.

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Whether manmade or naturally caused, wildfires can threaten entire communities.

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Winter Storms and Extreme Cold

Seasonal cold, snow and weather can make conditions life-threatening.

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If you live in tornado alley you're always mindful of the need for preparedness. Be ready.

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Earthquakes usually happen unannounced and can cause a great deal of destruction.

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Earthquakes can cause devastating tsunamis and often come without warning.

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A wet season, large storm or broken pipe can cause a destructive flood.

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Thunder and Lightning Storms

Thunderstorms come through all the time unannounced with lightning and destructive winds. Be ready.

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Extreme Heat and Drought

Seasonal heat and drought can cause extreme conditions and threaten large communities.

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Volcanic activity usually gives enough warning but can dump ash, lava, and noxious gases.

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Land Slides and Debris Flow

Heavy rains, earthquakes and other natural causes can trigger land and debris to slide.

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Human pathogens can cause sickness and harm to many people and communities.

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Technological and Accidental Hazards

Blackouts and Power Outages

Nearly every household and community experiences power outages on an annual basis.

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Home Fire

A home fire can erupt for so many reasons. While rare, they can be devastating.

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Hazardous Materials Incidents

Hazardous materials are transported and processed in huge quantities every day.

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Household Chemical Emergencies

Spilling or mixing the wrong chemicals can cause a very toxic and dangerous environment.

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Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear power plants are a great source of energy. However, they have been known for melt down.

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Terrorist Attacks


Whether intentional or accidental, explosions can be catastrophic and deadly.

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Biological Threats

Terrorists can target communities or individuals and create fear with biological agents. 

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Chemical Threats

Terrorists can target communities and create fear with chemical agents. 

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Nuclear Blast

Terrorists can target communities or individuals and create fear with nuclear threats. 

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Radiological Dispersion Device (RDD)

Terrorists can target communities or individuals and create fear with RDD devices. 

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