House Kit - Emergency Kit for Home and Family

The purpose of a house kit is to provide the highest priority, most critical survival gear for your family or household in case of an emergency. The gear and supplies may be used for shelter-in-place or evacuation situations.

A house kit compliments go-bags like bug out bags and 72 hour kits. Each household member should have a go bag that's ready to grab and go. The house kit gear is contained in durable bins or containers and can be easily thrown into a vehicle for quick evacuation as well. 

This survival kit is Stage 3 of the recommended survival kit system. Be sure to include the Emergency Essentials Kit from Stage 1 and a go-bag from Stage 2 for each individual. Both kits contain required essentials for long term evacuation. Some gear in this Stage 3 house kit is duplicate to the previous stages. We like the backup gear for our kits. However, if you feel the duplicate gear exceeds your budget, weight requirements, or storage capacity you can decide to keep the item in your go-bag or house kit instead of duplicating.

Emergency Kits for Home/Family

An emergency kit for home and family should take into consideration all of the members of the household. It should be portable and include clothing, gear, medications, and other items necessary for survival and comfort.

Tip: Prepping as a Family

Every spring we schedule a family night to review our emergency preparedness plan and resources. We check all of our stuff to see what's broken, missing, worn out. We make assignments to do our shopping. As any new gear arrives we replenish the kits. We also pick a topic or two and train each other on how to use the gear in the kits.

One evening we got all of the items out of the trauma kit and had a family friend (doctor) show us how to use the supplies. At our last get-together we pulled out the fire extinguisher for a mock kitchen fire. It was entertaining and educational.

Including everyone in the household in the emergency plan and training can bring a lot of peace of mind.

House Kit - Emergency Kit for Home and Family

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Survival System - Stage: 3

Table of Contents

  1. House Kit
  2. Survival Priorities
  3. Complete Checklist
  4. Recommended Products

Survival Priorities

The human body has certain requirements to survive. For example, we need clean air, water, food, etc. We also want our blood on the inside of the body. These human needs can be prioritized based on urgency (i.e. drinking water doesn't matter if we can't breathe, etc.)

We recommend gear based on our list of survival priorities. The gear we recommend at each stage will have these priorities in mind. We should purchase critical gear and supplies first and organize it so it's portable and accessible.

We also take into account the likelyhood of needing a particular item in most survival situations. While it's possible, the odds aren't high that we might need a facemask over a flashlight or multitool, etc. We do recommend some tools early in the checklist because they facilitate other higher priority items. For example, a good multi-tool can help out in so many ways. We push it toward the top of the list.

Our essentials checklist takes into consideration years of experience in the outdoors as well as the checklists provided by the Boy Scouts, military personnele we know and recommendations from first responders. 

We do urge you to customize your kits to tailor to your needs. Consider your common activities, health requirements, people in your household, etc.

Keep in mind, this emergency kit contains Stage 3 gear. Other stages compliment and add to this kit.

Survival Priority List

Priortize your gear and supplies based on this list.

  1. Air
  2. First Aid/Mental Health
  3. Communication
  4. Tools
  5. Shelter
  6. Warmth
  7. Water
  8. Food
  9. Hygiene
  10. Self Protection
  11. Extra Clothing
  12. Container 


Survival Priorities Explained

Complete House Kit Checklist

This checklist has everything you need for a complete emergency kit for home and family. We recommend you download and print out the checklist. Then below, shop for recommended products you need. 

Emergency House Kit

Include real, highly effective gear for your family and household. Prepare for emergencies where you have to shelter in place. A sample of recommended survival items includes:

Survival Gear

  1. Waterproof Bin
  2. Water Filter
  3. Water Container
    (5 Gallon)
  4. Hatchet
  5. Gas/Water Shutoff Wrench
  6. Lantern
  7. Large Tent
  8. Sleeping Bags
  9. Sleeping Pads
  10. More...

First Aid

  1. Trauma Pads
  2. ABD Pads
  3. Gauze Pads
  4. Gauze Rolls
  5. Athletic Tape
  6. Triangle Bandages
  7. Burn Dressing
  8. Trauma Dressing
  9. Surgical Sponges
  10. CPR Mask
  11. Neck Brace
  12. More...

Survival Toiletries

  1. Toilet Paper
  2. Toothpaste
  3. Soap
  4. Shampoo
  5. Portable Shower
  6. Sunscreen
  7. Mosquito Repellent
  8. Body Wipes
  9. Trash Bags
  10. Hand Sanitizer
  11. Feminine Hygiene 
  12. More...


House Kit Checklist

House Kit Checklist

Download Checklist

For personal use.

Recommended House Kit Products

Explore recommended survival products for your House Kit - emergency kit for home and family. Below we go through each checklist item and suggest highly-rated, quality products.

Waterproof Bin

Keep your house hold emergency kit in a waterproof, mobile bin. 

Required Attributes:

  • waterproof
  • clampable lid
  • small enough to carry, large enough to hold all the gear

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We like sterilite and rubbermaid containers. They clamp shut and have a great repulation for durability.

20 10 26 14 51 02 original 600x600 rubbermaid lockable bin container

Rubbermaid Lockable Bin Container

Sturdy, lockable, plastic industrial totes/bins for survival gear

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 12 11 21 original 600x600 sterilite bin container

Sterilite Bin Container

Sturdy plastic industrial totes/bins for survival gear

Buy on Amazon

Organizational Bags

Organize your gear into duffles, pouches, and bags for quick gear access.

Required Attributes:

  • large compartment
  • many pockets for item organization
  • sturdy

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We like a medium sized duffle with a lot of pockets. At this Stage we already have a go-bag and the gear in this kit will likely be transported in a vehicle because of its mass. 

We like molle pouches because they can be attached to molle backpacks. However, stuff sacks, dry bags, cosmetic bags, etc will work great. The key is to organize your gear so you can find it quickly.

Stuff bags can handle clothing and larger items.

Dry sacks are great for keeping sensitive items dry.

21 10 01 14 37 48 original b09dqz9vnl epg gear black main

Excursion Gear Organizer (Tactical, Full Size, MOLLE)

Gear organizer for tactical and hiking backpacks (full size, MOLLE)

Buy On Amazon
21 10 01 14 39 47 original b09dr49ctv epg gear compact black main

Excursion Gear Organizer (Tactical, Compact, MOLLE)

Compact gear organizer for tactical and hiking backpacks (compact, MOLLE)

Buy On Amazon
20 11 06 09 38 40 original 600x600 molle pouch

Molle Pouch

High quality molle pouch for equipment, first aid, and more.

Buy on Amazon

Water Filter (Family-Sized)

Store a family-sized water filter for long term water filtration.

Required Attributes:

  • gravity fed
  • easy to fill
  • long lasting

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We like gravity fed filters because they don't require energy to process the water. Lifestraw makes a great filter and has been tested by many thousands of people and receives a great rating.

20 10 26 09 50 07 original 600x600 lifestraw gravity water filter

Family Sized Water Filter

Affordable, long lasting multi-person water filter and purifier

Buy on Amazon

Water Container (5 Gallon) (x2)

Make sure you have a water supply ready for evacuation. Store two 5-gallon sealable containers to quickly load into a vehicle.

Required Attributes:

  • BPA free
  • 5-gallon capacity
  • sealable
  • portable

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We like any of these containers for their ease of carry, large openings, and compact storage size.

20 10 26 10 03 51 original 600x600 portable 5 gallon water container

Portable 5-Gallon Water Container

Portable, durable 5 gallon water containers for potable water transport

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 09 58 50 original 600x600 stackable 5 gallon water containers

Stackable 5-Gallon Water Containers

Stackable, portable, durable 5 gallon water containers for potable water storage and transport

Buy on Amazon

Multi Tool

A multi-tool might be one of the most used, most handy items on the list. You'll use it to build shelter, process firewood, process and cut food, fix gadgets, etc. You should have a multi-tool in Stage 1 and/or Stage 2 as well. We recommend an extra one here too if it fits the budget.

Required Attributes:

  • 2 blades
  • pliers
  • saw
  • file
  • screw drivers
  • can opener

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

The Leatherman Wave is the most popular multi-tool for sale - and for good reason. It is super reliable and has all of the required functions plus other hand items. We use our Wave all the time - seriously, every outing.

There are other great options but if you can, spring for the Wave or Signal.

21 10 19 00 35 51 original b091mtmysf

Heavy Duty Survival Multitool

Heavy-duty multitool for emergencies, survival and the outdoors

Buy On Amazon
20 10 20 14 25 06 original 600x600 leatherman wave

Leatherman Wave Multitool

Popular, reliable light-duty survival multi-tool

Buy on Amazon
20 10 20 15 14 20 original 600x600 knife swiss army

Field Master Swiss Army Knife

Best Swiss Army Knife for emergencies and EDC - light weight folding multi-tool that covers everything

Buy on Amazon


In outdoor survival situations you may need to process a lot of wood for firewood, shelter, or tools and weapons. A hatch comes in very handy.

Required Attributes:

  • light weight
  • sturdy
  • effective

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Not all axe blades are effective. We love these options because we've used them and they work great. They also have high ratings from many people. 

20 10 22 08 49 21 original 600x600 hatchet fiskars

Fiskars Hatchet

Sturdy, light weight backpacking hatchet perfect for survival

Buy on Amazon

Paracord (100 ft)

Paracord can be used to build shelter, hunting traps, attach gear, make a perimeter, etc. You should have 50 ft in Stage 1 and 50 ft in Stage 2. Another 100 ft in Stage 3 should insure you have enough. Customize this item for your budget and needs.

Required Attributes:

  • Type III 550
  • certified paracord
  • 7-strand

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

For the weight 550 paracord is widely regarded as the standard. The military has chosen type 3 550 paracord for its parachutes and other functions. We're going to side with them on our recommendation - especially for the cost.

20 10 26 14 54 10 original 600x600 %285%29

550 Paracord Type 3

Milspec type 3 550 paracord for survival

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 14 58 50 original 600x600 550 paracord with integrated fishing line  wire  tinder

550 Paracord with Integrated Fishing Line, Wire, Tinder

Enhanced milspec type 3 550 SurvivorCord for survival

Buy on Amazon

Nylon Rope

Nylon rope has properties that paracord doesn't. It tends to hold up better in direct sunlight and constant moisture. It may hold more weight depending on the size you get. 

Required Attributes:

  • waterproof
  • nylon-only

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Nylon rope is great for water situations as well as direct sunlight. We recommend 100 ft.

  • Nylon Rope (50 Feet)

Duct Tape (Flattened Roll)

Fix gear, patch tents and clothes, start a fire, etc. with duct tape. 

Required Attributes:

  • trusted brand
  • 3" wide

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Duct tape is a very versatile fastener. It's also a great fire tinder. In Stage 3 we recommend a full roll or two.

20 10 26 11 41 13 original 600x600 compact duct tape

Emergency Duct Tape - Compact Roll

Emergency sized duct tape for survival situations

Buy on Amazon

Gas/Water Shutoff Wrench

Have this tool handy to quickly turn off utilities to your home. Stop a gas or water leak to prevent a large accident.

Required Attributes:

  • non-spark metal
  • universal
  • compact

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

This wrench is recommended by the C.E.R.T organization. Test it out on your utility valves before an emergency to make sure it works.

20 10 27 02 25 40 original 600x600 emergency shutoff wrench

Emergency Shutoff Wrench

Metal, no-spark utility turn off wrench

Buy on Amazon

Folding Trowel (Sturdy)

Dig cat holes, drainage ditches (around a tent, etc), or dig for fishing bait with a sturdy trowel.

Required Attributes:

  • sturdy - must hold up to aggressive digging
  • portable

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We like this option because of the rave reviews. We want a product that will hold up - most small trowels won't.

  • Folding Trowel


In Stage 1 and 2 we recommend headlamps and flashlights (rechargeable). A house kit should have a lantern for community use. Either use rechargeable batteries or buy a rechargeable lantern.

Required Attributes:

  • LED
  • rechargeable (batteries or unit)

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We recommend an adjustable LED lantern for basecamps, community settings, etc. You can use one light instead of many to provide light for cooking, survival activities and comfort.

20 10 26 10 37 12 original 600x600 led lanterns

LED Lanterns

Durable, adjustable, LED lantern for survival

Buy on Amazon

Fire Starter

A Bic lighter is the best tool for starting fire. However, a ferro rod is the best long term fire starter. Fire is required for warmth, cooking, light, sterilization, etc.

Required Attributes:

  • light weight
  • adjustable flame
  • reliable
  • low effort

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Bic lighters have a reputation for reliability. The one-flick open flame is a welcome site when it's night or cold. They require so much less effort than a ferro rod, bow, etc. Of course they'll eventually run out of fuel, but while they last they're ideal. We recommend storing 10 or more in a ziploc bag or waterproof container.

5 inch ferro rods are easy to use, even when wet, especially when the tinder is dry. They last forever too. You can light hundreds of fires even when lighters are out of fuel.

20 10 26 10 48 54 original 600x600 lighter


Ideal primary option for rapid fire starting

Buy on Amazon
21 04 30 17 14 04 original b0936lymf4

Hot Strike Ferro Rod Fire Starter

Best ferro rod fire starter for emergencies and survival

Buy On Amazon

Large Tent

Keep your family camping tent near your home kit. It should be large enough to shelter your household in an evacuation. It should be accessible so you can quickly throw it into a vehicle.

Required Attributes:

  • large capacity
  • waterproof
  • sturdy tent stakes

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We keep multiple tents for family camping, etc. A 4-man tent works for most families. You want a quality option for your shelter. In a long term evacuation tents don't tend to hold up well, especially in windy climates. 

20 10 26 11 03 35 original 600x600 marmot 2 person tent

Marmot 2-Person Tent

High end emergency shelter for outdoor survival

Buy on Amazon

Wool Blanket

Stay warm and limit exposure to the environment with a quality survival wool blanket. We recommend a true queen sized, 2 person blanket make from 80% wool. 

Required Attributes:

  • large for bedding
  • large for multiple people
  • 80% wool for optimal insulation
  • 20% synthetic for structural integrity

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We recommend this large wool blanket for many reasons. It has so many great qualities for insulating and protecting during an emergency. 

21 09 17 13 31 33 original b091mmz1w8 main charcoal

Emergency Wool Blanket - XL

XL, 72x92 in, 5.35 lbs
Queen/King, 1 or 2-person

Warm, comfortable, durable military survival wool blanket for bedding, emergencies, and the outdoors

Buy On Amazon

Sleeping Bags

A good night sleep is crucial to attitude and decision making - especially in stressful circumstances. We prefer a full cold-weather sleeping bag here but can settle for a bivvy in warm weather climates.

Required Attributes:

  • light weight
  • warmest you can afford
  • water resistent if possible

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Cold weather sleeping bag - getting through a night in an emergency is hard enough. Getting through the night in the cold is debilitating and dangerous. Having a cold-weather option is the best. 

Budget sleeping bag - Having a sleeping bag with insulated clothing and shelter can help you get through a night, especially in a warmer climate.

You may already have this in a go-bag. If so, disregard here - you only want to pack one sleeping bag per person.

20 10 27 07 17 58 original 600x600 sleeping bag   cold weather

Sleeping Bag - Cold Weather

High end 4-season survival sleeping bag for emergencies

Buy on Amazon
20 10 27 07 11 48 original 600x600 sleeping bag   budget

Sleeping Bag - Budget

Budget 3-season survival sleeping bag for emergencies

Buy on Amazon

Sleeping Pad

At Stage 2 (go-bag) we recommend a sleeping pad for comfort. If you include one in your go bag, don't include another here. Get the best night sleep possible.

Required Attributes:

  • light weight
  • foam (inflatables eventually give out. I have used the same inflatible for 50+ camp nights but it's less reliable than a foam option.)
  • reflective

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We like a reflective surfaced, closed-cell foam pad. They are reliable, durable and can be used for more than just sleeping (i.e. sitting on a cold surface). They are easy to hang on a pack.

20 10 26 10 25 50 original 600x600 reflective foam pad

Reflective Foam Pad

Comfortable, radiant, heat-trapping sleeping pad

Buy on Amazon

2-way Radio

A 2-way radio is incredibly handy if the grid goes down. You can communicate with others and in many cases listen to public notifications and instructions. Be sure to get trained and learn about the existing regulations.

Required Attributes:

  • 2-way
  • Rechargeable

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We like the BaoFeng radio. It comes with the right channels and is very configurable. We are part of a group who checks in every week to test their radios and protocols. Admittedly we don't check in that frequently but there is peace of mind that comes from knowing you can communicate with others. 

If you have one in your go-bag, don't worry about one here.

20 10 26 12 26 37 original 600x600 2 way radio

2-Way Radio - Budget

High power, dual-band, 2-way radio and walkie talkie

Buy on Amazon

Lighter Fluid

While duct tape, hand sanitizer, Survivor Cord, etc are good fire starters, we recommend keeping a small can of lighter fluid in your house kit for quick fire starting needs.

Required Attributes:

  • non-explosive - make sure and use actual lighter fluid

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Some times you need an instant fire in an emergency. Dousing tinder with lighter fluid gets things going quickly. 

  • Lighter Fluid

Air Mask (many or reusable)

Protect yourself from infection or filter smokey air and particulates with a light weight face mask. At this stage we're looking for effective yet light weight options. 

Required Attributes:

  • effective
  • light weight
  • compact
  • foldable

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We like the N95/KN95 or certain cloth face masks equally. Government agencies (i.e. CDC, FDA), doctors, and the scientific community recommend N95 and KN95 masks for protection from infection as well as airbourne particulates. 

20 11 22 14 29 26 original 600x600 n95 mask

KN95 Mask

KN95 Face Mask for Dust and Pathogen Filtering

Buy on Amazon
20 11 25 14 03 34 original 600x600 cloth face mask

Cloth Face Mask

Effective cloth face mask for respiratory protection from dust, germs, etc.

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 11 30 19 original 600x600 gas mask

Gas Mask

Full face professional gas mask 

Buy on Amazon


Filter thick smoke, chemicals, biologicals, etc with a respirator. Have one for each member of the household.

Required Attributes:

  • changeable filters
  • comfortable
  • name brand
  • highly rated

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Clean air is a top survival priority. Evacuations for fire, terrorist activities, industrial accidents can contaminate necessary air. A respirator can get you out of a bind. 

This respirator is a highly rated, name brand option.

20 10 26 11 28 21 original 600x600 respirator


Reusable, half face respirator for gases, vapors, and dust

Buy on Amazon


Trap food. Definitely learn how to use a snare before packing it in your kit. 

Required Attributes:

  • light weight
  • real snare - so much better than a piece of wire

Reasons for Our Pick:

A real snare is so effective if used correctly. We recommend investing in small or medium size traps at this Stage. Many kits have wire anyway, we easily justify having real snares. The SurvivorCord we also recommended above has wire as well but it's not super thick and would require a braid, etc. to build a snare.

20 10 27 06 52 00 original 600x600 snares

Hunting Snares

Small animal hunting snares for survival

Buy on Amazon

Fishing Pole (multiple)

Have multiple fishing poles for food production.

Required Attributes:

  • collapsible
  • quality pole
  • quality reel
  • area-matching fishing tackle and bait

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Keep multiple fishing poles handy to produce as much food as possible and have backups. Make sure you store tackle and bait matching the fish in your area. 

20 10 22 09 06 53 original 600x600 fishing rod collapsable

Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Compact, collapsible fishing rod and reel

Buy on Amazon

Rain Ponchos

Stay dry. Keep out of the rain, snow and other elements with a number of rain ponchos.

Required Attributes:

  • light weight
  • waterproof

Reasons for Our Pick:

Most rain ponchos get the job done. We chose this one because of its price and weight.

20 10 27 02 26 57 original 600x600 rain ponchos

Rain Ponchos

Premium emergency rain  poncho with hood

Buy on Amazon

Emergency Blankets or Bivvies (multiple)

Keep warm with the radiant properties of a mylar blanket or bivvy. At this Stage we like the blanket but we carry a bivvy as well in many other packs so we have backup.

Required Attributes:

  • light weight
  • right size

Reasons for Our Pick:

We've tested mylar products and they work well as radiant heating. They DO NOT work as insulation so make sure you are insulated by out clothing or keep off the ground. We like the light weight properties combined with the reflective heating.

20 10 22 15 04 04 original emergency sleeping bag thermal bivvy

Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Bivvy

Radiant survival sleeping bag and bivy with whistle and 550 paracord.

Buy on Amazon
20 10 27 02 28 11 original 600x600 emergency blankets

Emergency Blankets

Radiant survival mylar blanket

Buy on Amazon

Hand Warmers 

While most hand warmers are single use, they'll provide a lot of comfort in a short term emergency.

Required Attributes:

  • biodegradable
  • air activated

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We recommend storing a case of handwarmers for emergencies. Since they are single use, only use them for instances where you need to warm someone up if hypothermia is setting in. 

We have another case in the pantry for day-to-day use.

20 10 22 14 48 28 original hand  body warmer

Hand & Body Warmer

Keep your extremities warm with body and hand warmers

Buy on Amazon

Signal Items

Store emergency flares, glow sticks, and orange tape as signals. Flares are a form of warning while glow sticks and tape can be used as trail markers or other signals.

Required Attributes:

  • disposable

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

We have used flares in road emergencies and to start fires.

We've used glow sticks as temporary light or as trail markers in dark settings.

We've used orange tape to blaze a trail or indicate where we are. We also used it as capture the flag boundaries :).

20 10 22 09 00 35 original 600x600 cobiz headlamp

Ultra Bright Headlamp

Ultra bright, rechargeable 6000 lumen LED head lamp for hands free survival

Buy on Amazon
20 10 22 09 52 11 original 600x600 flashlight

Tactical LED Flashlight

Durable, handheld metal flashlight for survival

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 12 26 37 original 600x600 2 way radio

2-Way Radio - Budget

High power, dual-band, 2-way radio and walkie talkie

Buy on Amazon

Recommended Family First Aid Kit Products

Explore our recommended survival products for your home First Aid kit. Below we go through each checklist item and suggest highly-rated, quality products.

Household First Aid Kit (IFAK)

Treat injuries or illnesses with your household first aid kit. There are a lot of great large first aid kits and trauma kits available. You likely won't need to build a kit since the ones on the market are perfect.

The idea is to have on hand the items you'd need if medical facilities were overwhelmed or unavailable. 

See the checklist for the complete list of first aid supplies.

Required Attributes:

  • complete kit
  • mobile
  • contains supplies for common illnesses and injuries as well as more severe issues.

Reasons for Our Pick:

These kits contain expanded first aid supplies. Besides the common bandages, ointments, and medications you can find splints, wraps, etc.

We strongly recommend getting some training. 

21 09 17 13 04 48 original b09dqs7yzh epg ifak black main

Excursion Field First Aid Kit (Tactical, Compact, IFAK)

Light weight, compact survival first aid kit for emergencies and camping - includes supplies

Buy On Amazon
20 10 27 16 39 27 original 600x600 trauma kit   large

Trauma Kit - Large

Advanced First Aid Gear and Supplies

Buy on Amazon
20 10 27 06 37 15 original 600x600 trauma kit   small

Trauma Kit - Small

Advanced First Aid Gear and Supplies

Buy on Amazon
20 11 06 09 50 01 original 600x600 first aid kit   100 person

First Aid Kit - 100 Person

Standard, Portable 100-Person First Aid Kit - Hard Case

Buy on Amazon
20 10 27 03 11 41 original 600x600 first aid kit   compact

First Aid Kit - Compact

Standard, Portable IFAK First Aid Kit

Buy on Amazon

Recommended Toiletry Kit for Home and Family Products

Explore our recommended survival products for the toiletries kit. Below we go through each checklist item and suggest highly-rated, quality products.

Portable Toiletry Kit

Keep your family and household clean and comfortable in an emergency by having the right toiletry items available in a mobile kit. The toiletry kit should include the needs of all individuals. Select products you enjoy day to day.

Required Attributes:

  • complete
  • mobile

Reasons for Our Pick:

We recommend you make a list and buy extra items next time you go grocery shopping. Include the items in a cosmetic or toiletry bag. 

This kit needs to be mobile so weight is still an issue. Include only critical supplies in this Stage.

20 11 06 07 37 52 original 600x600 toiletry kit

Toiletry Kit

Toiletry kit for emergency preparedness

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 12 34 36 original 600x600 travel toothbrush toothpaste

Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste

Travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste for emergency toiletries

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 12 20 48 original 600x600 hand sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Clean your hands and body with effective hand sanitizer

Buy on Amazon

Recommended House Kit Clothing Products

Explore our recommended survival products for house kit clothing. Below we go through each checklist item and suggest highly-rated, quality products.

Include Cold Weather Gear

Make sure each family member has quick access to their cold-weather gear. It is so important to maintain a healthy body temperature. Stay dry, stay warm.

Required Attributes:

  • base layer
  • hat/gloves
  • heavy coat
  • ski bibs (as appropriate)
  • winter boots (snow boots as appropriate)

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

In a bug out situation you want layers and heavy outerwear to stay warm. At the same time you don't want too much extra weight so only carry what is recommended.

21 09 17 13 31 33 original b091mmz1w8 main charcoal

Emergency Wool Blanket - XL

XL, 72x92 in, 5.35 lbs
Queen/King, 1 or 2-person

Warm, comfortable, durable military survival wool blanket for bedding, emergencies, and the outdoors

Buy On Amazon
20 10 27 06 57 11 original 600x600 base layer

Base Layer

Durable, stretchable base layer for cold weather

Buy on Amazon
20 10 27 06 53 38 original 600x600 knit hat   beanie

Knit Hat - Beanie

Durable, stretchable rib-knit insulated beanie hat

Buy on Amazon
20 10 27 11 00 19 original 600x600 insulated gloves

Waterproof Gloves

Durable, waterproof gloves for emergencies

Buy on Amazon
20 10 23 17 56 09 original alvada socks 6x6

Merino Wool Socks

Durable, stretchable, breathable wool socks for cold weather

Buy On Amazon

Recommended House Kit Food Products

Explore our recommended survival products for extra house kit food. Below we go through each checklist item and suggest highly-rated, quality products.

Food Ready to Eat and Food Production

Your long term food storage items should include 3 months of day to day food as well as 3 months of mobile canned food and dehydrated meals in addition to the 6 months of grains, beans, etc. A lot of your stored food should be ready to move in an evacuation.

You should also have hunting and fishing gear as well as seeds for gardening.

Required Attributes:

  • stored in containers and cases
  • ready to eat
  • gear for food production

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

You should have food ready to eat and stored in mobile containers and cases.

You should also be able to hunt, fish, and plant crops if the emergency is long term.

We live in an area where fishing, hunting, and foraging are options. We recommend buying a fishing kit and modifying it for the fish in your area. Add bait you know will work. 

Also, we like real snares over cheap wire. They're more effective and ready to go.

20 10 27 10 51 29 original 600x600 food pouch mountain house

Mountain House Emergency Food Pouches - 2 Servings

Emergency dehydrated food storage 2 servings

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 11 56 28 original 600x600 mountain house cans

Mountain House Emergency Food Cans

Emergency dehydrated food storage for 60 Servings

Buy on Amazon
20 10 26 11 49 06 original 600x600 wise food storage 1 month

Wise Food Storage 1 Month

Emergency dehydrated food storage for 1 month

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Portable Kitchen

We recommend a second bin with camp kitchen gear. Include a portable stove, fuel, mess kits, spices, etc.

Required Attributes:

  • durable, waterproof bin
  • portable stove
  • extra fuel
  • sturdy plastic dishes and utinsels
  • bio degradable soap

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Preparing food for a family or community requires dedicated gear. While each person should have a small portable stove and flatware for themselves, having larger versions in a camp kitchen makes the job much easier.

20 11 06 15 14 48 original 600x600 jetboil

Jetboil Backpacking Stove

Lightweight, rapid boil camping stove

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20 11 06 15 19 31 original 600x600 stove fuel

Stove Fuel

All-season camp stove fuel

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20 10 26 12 29 44 original 600x600 camping cookware mess kit

Camping Cookware/Mess Kit

Modern cookware mess kit with accessories

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20 11 06 15 22 08 original 600x600 dutch oven

Dutch Oven

Cast iron dutch oven is perfect for outdoor cooking.

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Recommended House Kit Comfort Products

Explore our recommended survival products for house kit comfort items. Below we go through each checklist item and suggest highly-rated, quality products.

Comfort Products for an Emergency

Simple creature comforts can make a big difference in an evacuation emergency. Balls, frisbees, card games, etc. as well as hot chocolate and other items can calm the nerves and distract from stressful situations.

Required Attributes:

  • small and portable
  • weather proof

Reasons for Our Recommendation(s):

Experience: Headband Horse Shoes

A flight was delayed during our trip to another country. It was delayed for 8 hours. People were stressed, tired, and restless.

A couple of us found a plastic headband and 2 coke bottles. We set up a horse shoe game in one of the open spaces. Pretty soon we had a whole crowd of people and new competitors watching and cheering. People wanted the diversion.

Today we have media devices for our diversions but when the batteries run out and the grid goes down simple games and pasttimes will be important.

20 10 26 11 38 43 original 600x600 waterproof paper and pen

Waterproof Paper and Pen

Make notes with waterproof paper and pen

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  • Tennis balls
  • Frisbees
  • Hot chocolate

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