72 Hour Kits and Product Checklist

72 Hour Kits

The goal of a 72 hour kit is to get you through the next 3 days after an emergency. The kit should be complete and ready and waiting within a home or vehicle. When an emergency strikes, the kit can be grabbed on the way out the door. It usually contains clothing, toiletries, cash, food, water, communication devices, power sources, light sources, etc.

To get started on your kit ask: "what would I need for 3 days if I had to grab one thing and leave my house?"

While we recommend building your own 72 hour kit, there are ready-made kits available. You can purchase them and add items for your individual needs.


  1. Build your own 72-hour kit to fit your individual needs
  2. Consider your gender. Women may have certain hygiene needs and medications while men may require certain gear or medications.
  3. Toiletries might include: soap, deodorant, simple hair care and makeup, etc. See our full list.
  4. Make sure the kit supplies are readily available for quick grab and go



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