All Real Gear

Are You Really Prepared?

Most emergency kits contain cheap gear to hit the lowest price possible. Problem is, cheap gear doesn't hold up in a real emergency. When you need it most, can you afford a broken knife? a flashlight with dead batteries? matches that won't light?

EmergencyPrepGear builds kits out of All Real Gear. Our kits contain highly rated, name brand gear. When it comes to having the right gear onhand, you get what you pay for. 

Covering the Essentials

When an emergency strikes there are a number of common threats to your safety. Exposure, dehydration, hungar, injury, and other risks can be mitigated with the right gear.  Here are some of the most common threats we try to overcome:

  • Exposure - warmth and protection from the elements
  • Dehydration - water and filtration
  • Hungar - food and hunting/fishing gear
  • Injury - first aid 
  • Fear - communication and instruction

Prepared for Any Emergency

Emergency kits shouldn't be one-size-fits-all. Different circumstances require unique equipment. We offer 4 emergency kit sizes so you have options:

  1. RD1 - Bare Essentials - Personal
    1. The entire contents must be concealable and fit into a coat pocket
    2. Must fit into RD2
    3. Must contain:
      1. Warmth (fire, cover)
      2. Shelter (cover, cordage)
      3. Water (filtration)
      4. Food (fishing, snares)
      5. Light (crank)
      6. Tools (knife, can opener)
      7. First Aid (bandages, cleansing, sting, itch)
      8. Location (compass)
  2. RD2 - Backpack - Personal
    1. Must fit into RD3
  3. RD3 - Bug Out Bag - Personal
    1. Must fit into RD4
  4. RD4 - Bug Out Trunk - Family