Making an Emergency Plan

An emergency can happen at any time and can cause immediate actions and decisions. Your chances of survival go up significantly if you have a plan in place, pratice and train occasionally, and have the right gear.

Creating an Emergency Plan



Practicing Your Emergency Plan and Training with the Gear


Practicing Our Emergency Plan

Our family spends one or two nights per year going over our plan. Each year we choose a mock disaster and give the kids scenarios on where they are at the time of the event. They have to figure out how to get home, what gear to grab, who to check on, and where we're supposed to go if evacuated. Sometimes they are injured in the scenario so they have to care for each other. We joke around a bit while we do it but it paints a clear picture and helps us all make decisions. Because it's a make-believe exercise with teenagers someone usually ends up dying a grusome death and someone ends up as the hero. However, valuable lessons are learned for real-life scenarios.

During the exercise we make adjustments to our plan and talk through the events. We go through our emergency kit system and replenish if needed.


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