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Heavy Duty Survival Multitool

ACTION™ Multitool - Military Grade Multitool for Emergency, Survival and Outdoor Adventures

The ACTION™ Multitool has exactly the tools we'd want in a pinch. Every go-bag, emergency kit, and day pack should have one.

Originally designed for emergencies and the outdoors, the heavy-duty ACTION Multitool is perfect for work, camping, hiking, survival, first aid, outdoors and EDC.

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Why We Love the ACTION™ Multitool

The heavy duty, military-grade multitool features a toolset designed for emergencies, camping, outdoors, survival, and the worksite. High-end tools were carefully selected and designed for the rigors of every-day jobs. 18 auto-locking tools are ideal for tough situations. The deep-profile 420 stainless steel knife blade, first aid scissors, sturdy pliers and cord cutter are crucial tools for camp, survival, and work. 12 screw driver bits make the multitool even more handy.

The all-purpose work-grade multitool is made for heavy duty use. The robust, rust resistant 420 stainless steel tools are housed in a sturdy, light weight skeletonized frame. It's stout without adding a lot of extra weight at 9.0 oz (255g). We thoroughly abuse our own ACTION Multitools and they hold up great! Why we love it:

  • IDEAL TOOLSET The ACTION Multitool heavy duty toolset was selected for emergencies, outdoor use and professional applications. The toolset (18-in-1 plus 11 drive bits) was carefully selected and designed for the rigors of the every-day jobs. The deep profile main knife blade, first aid scissors, and cord cutter are crucial tools. Our favorite tools:
    • Deep Profile Main Blade - The tall, wedge shaped blade is awesome for processing firewood, game and fish, cutting rope/cord, and much more. 
    • First Aid Scissors - The scissors were designed for first aid applications. The bottom tip is blunt to reduce risk of injury when used against the skin.
    • Cord Cutter - Finally a tool designed and dedicated for paracord, rope, twine, etc. It locks in place and quickly cuts all sorts of line.
    • Sharpened Can Opener - In an emergency, a can opener can be so handy. Save energy with a sharpened blade.
    • Wood Saw - The wood saw is sharp and stout. Considering it's the size of a multitool, it's as handy as any on the market.
    • Driver Bits - The bits are designed for an array of screw and bolt applications.
    • 2-Pocket Sheath - The multitool and bits can be carried to any situation in the 2-pocket sheath.
  • HEAVY DUTY The Action multitool was made for heavy duty use. The robust, rust resistent 420 stainless steel tools are housed in a light weight skeletonized frame. It's stout without adding a lot of extra weight at 9.0 oz (255g).

The Perfect Multitool for Emergencies, Outdoors, Survival, Work, Camping, Hiking

The rugged EMERGENCY PREP GEAR™ ACTION™ multitool was designed for heavy duty applications. The toolset was selected with the most common applications in mind. These tools really stand out:

ACTION Multitool Applications

We used our own ACTION Multitools on hundreds of outings this last year. We used and abused them. We love the durable toolset. Here's what others say about it:

Handy Man

"This is my go to multitool. It's sturdy. Definitely not cheap craftsmanship. It's my new workhorse."

Favorite Tool: Pliers, hands down

- Arnie

Avid Prepper

"To be honest, I'll probably store my pricey Leatherman in my go-bag and use this day-to-day."

Favorite Tool: I use the main blade a ton during firewood processing - the whole thing really.

- Dave

Active Ranch Hand

"I go through a multitool or two every year. For this price, a tool this sturdy is perfect for ranching."

Favorite Tool: The twine cutter - best and safest way to feed bales.

- Cal


"Interesting they made first aid a priority when designing this."

Favorite Tool: The rounded first aid scissors are the most sturdy of any multitool.

- Dani

Avid Outdoorsman

"I've cut cord, prepped fire, pulled stakes, fixed my radio, punched holes and opened food pouches - it does it all."

Favorite Tool: I like the whole tool - but I really like that every tool locks by itself.

- Tyler


"The perfect multi tool set for what I do."

Favorite Tool: Pliers - whether it's securing snow chains or untying knots, I use this all the time.

- Nick

ACTION Multitool Functions

Main Blade

The tall profile of the main blade and the extra thick spine adds strength for power cutting situations. Process fire wood, prepare food, shape wooden camp tools and items, open boxes and much more.

Cord Cutter

The hook-shaped cord cutter is designed to quickly process paracord, twine, rope, and more. While the interior of the hook is sharp, the exterior is blunted to minimize injury risks.

First Aid Scissors

The scissors are designed for first aid and can cut mole skin, gauze, bandages, and more. They're sturdy and sharp. The blunted tip allows the user so slide the blade under a bandage or gauze without injuring the patient.

Featured Tools

  1. Needle Noes Pliers (Reinforced)
  2. Standard Pliers (Spring loaded)
  3. Wire Cutter (Replaceable)
  4. Hard Wire Cutter (Replaceable)
  5. Electrical Crimper
  6. Main Blade (Deep profile for power applications)
  7. First Aid Scissors
  8. Wood Saw (Two-way)
  9. Cord Cutter (Designed for paracord, twine and rope)
  10. Can Opener (Sharpened cutting edge)
  11. Bottle Opener
  12. Wood/Metal File
  13. Awl/Hole Punch (Sharpened edge)
  14. Slotted Screwdriver (3mm)
  15. Slotted Screwdriver (5mm)
  16. Slotted Screwdriver (6mm)
  17. Phillips Screwdriver (Rectangle shaft accepts accessory bit extension)
  18. Accessory Bits (11 bits)

SELF LOCKING All tools auto lock when in operating position for safe usage.

ONE-HAND ACCESS The four primary tools are accessible without opening the body for quick access. Deploy the main blade, wood saw, wood/metal file, and first aid scissors with one hand. The opening action is smooth so the tools can be engaged quickly.

We've used our ACTION Mulltitool on hundreds of campouts, trail outings and adventures. It's our go-to multitool for so many situations.

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