20 10 27 16 50 17 original 600x600 compass with mirror
20 10 27 16 50 17 original 600x600 compass with mirror

Compass with Mirror

Keep this multi-function orienteering compass hand on your go-bag or other survival container. The magnetic compass includes a 360 degree rotating bezel, mirror, magnifying glass and ruler. 

They market it to Scouts and other groups for normal exercises. It's compact and straight forward.

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Survival Purpose

Navigate confidently in a survival setting with this multi-functional orienteering compass. Pair this standard compass with a map of your area for easy orienteering. It's light weight and compact.


  • compass
  • magnifying glass
  • lanyard
  • mirror
  • slope indicator
  • cover
  • ruler

What We Like

  • Straight forward - the compass isn't complicated 
  • Affordable - the low cost means you can have one for all go-bags in your household

Tips and Recommendations

  • Take an orienteering course or have a Boy Scout show you how to get around
  • Know the difference between true North and magnetic North
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