20 11 06 07 21 08 original 600x600 crank flashlight
20 11 06 07 21 08 original 600x600 crank flashlight

Crank Flashlight

Perfect for off-grid reliability, this hand crank or solar powered flashlight can be used any time. It's perfect for a backup flashlight for your go-bag or essentials pouch. 

We have a number of these around for when the lights go out. A few rotations of the crank delivers light for several minutes. Prolonged rotations can provide hours of light.

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Survival Purpose

A reliable, renewable light source during and emergency is critical. If the power grid goes down or you're forced to evacuate you'll need to plan to be active in the dark. When other rechargeable lights fail because of power source failure, this hand held light keeps you going.

This LED flashlight is designed for long lasting use. It's not the brightest beam but that's not the point. A few rotations of the crank handle can provide minutes of light and several minutes of rotations can provide hours of light.

One time I was caught out on the trail at night with a dead headlamp and a long ways to go. I carry this rechargeable crank light in my essentials pouch in my day pack. I took it out and it got me home.

The flashlight is light weight and very comfortable to hold. I've used it on a number of occasions and it gets the job done.

What We Like

  • Price - Considering its function, it is very affordable.
  • Easy to Use - In a bind the light is easy to use - simiply crank the handle and the lamp lights up.
  • Water Resistent - We've used ours in the rain and left them out in the dew. No issues.
  • Compact - They fit into a pocket or pack easily and you barely feel them on your head.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Storage - store the lamp with some charge for extended battery life
  • Protect It - the flashlight is plastic and fairly durable but you can't run it over with a car like some flashlights
  • Crank, Not Solar - The solar panel is very small. You can get more power from the crank. We're not fans of leaving plastic out in direct sunlight.
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