21 02 17 12 27 57 original 600x600 life vest
21 02 17 12 27 57 original 600x600 life vest

Emergency Life Vest

Stay safe when boating or enjoying other aquatic adventures with this highly rated personal flotation device. This life vest comes in multiple sizes and colors. 

Be sure everyone on your boat or dock is wearing a life vest. The O'Neill comes with buckles for quick application or release.

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Survival Purpose

Everyone on a boat or aquatic outing should be wearing a life vest. This personal flotation device is highly rated because it is effective and quick to put on or take off. It's comfortable (as vests go) and can be worn over rash guards or shirts.

We live near a lake and we see this vest all over. A couple of years ago a boy got knocked out when we were tubing. The vest held him safely suspended at the surface of the water. 

What We Like

  • Effective
  • Quick release
  • Multiple sizes

Tips and Recommendations

  • Use a vest - wear one but be safe so you don't need it
  • Fit - make sure the vest fits correctly so it doesn't slip off
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