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20 10 22 09 27 27 original 600x600 chainsaw husqvarna

Husqvarna Rancher Chainsaw

The Husqvarna chainsaw is the standard go-to for chainsaw needs. It's a beast in an emergency.

Use it to remove fallen trees and branches, source firewood, remove obstacles, etc. It's a great power tool for big jobs.

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Survival Purpose

The Husqvarna chainsaw is ideal for home, ranch, cabin, and government survival use. It is the right size for most common applications.

We have tested them for years and found them to be a great go-to for firewood and tree removal. As long as the chain is sharpened regularly it holds up to so many challenges. One of our saws is 10 years old and has cut probably 100 cords of wood or more. We've had to replace chains but the rest of the saw is original and in great shape.

We cut 2-4 cords of firewood each fall. Other than the chain, the saw has required no maintenance. Add gas, add chain oil and it'll go as long as the chain is sharp.

What We Like

  • Power to bar length ratio - you can easily power though most materials if you use it correctly
  • Balance and ergonomics - the weight and leverage are ideal from astute design
  • Popularity means lots of online resources - you can find training and repair videos and articles to quicly get to it
  • Safety features - kickback protection, child restrictions, etc make the saw as safe as possible - the rest is up to you

Tips and Recommendations

  • Get trained - learn how to use the saw before jumping in
  • Add chain oil for every tank of fuel - keep the chain lubed up to prevent binding
  • Wear ear protection - it's loud, protect your ears
  • Wear gloves - you're more safe if splinters and cuts don't distract you
  • Be very aware of your footing and surroundings - one slip can result in a very dangerous situation
  • Follow manufacturer instructions - read the whole manual before starting 
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