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20 10 26 09 48 27 original nalgene water bottle

Nalgene Water Bottle

Nalgene has become an established, well known brand for water bottles and containers. They are impact resistent, easy to clean, leak proof, and BPA/BPS free. 

There are a number of sizes and colors to choose from but they are all high-quality options for personal water transport.

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Survival Purpose

Having clean water to stay hydrated during and emergency is critical. While we recommend carrying a water filter and purification tablets, having potable water on hand in an evacuation or mobile situation can be lifesaving. Sometimes there is distance between water resources and we're forced to move or camp is set away from the water resource for some reason. Be prepared with a durable water bottle to always have water on your person. 

Water bladders are very popular and we love them. However, they are prone to puncture or leaks. We recommend having a reliable water container in your Stage 2 go-bag.

What We Like

  • Wide Mouth - These water bottles have a wide mouth for easy fill and drinking.
  • Durable - We've put ours through the test. They last for years in all sorts of conditions and abuse. I have yet to break one.
  • Large Size - There are any number of volume sizes so you can choose one for your needs.
  • Leak Proof - We've never had a leaky Nalgene bottle.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Ice - Don't freeze water in them - they are rigid and may break under ice pressure.
  • Water filter - Use along with your personal water filter - we squeeze the water filter pouch to fill the bottle. We've used this combo a number of times.
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