21 02 22 12 37 33 original 600x600 pepper spray
21 02 22 12 37 33 original 600x600 pepper spray

Pepper Spray

Women and men alike should always have pepperspray on hand, especially when alone. Carry it in a purse, pack, or pocket. 

Pepper spray is one of the more effective deterents for people or animals with bad intentions. It's easy to carry and quick to deploy.

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Survival Purpose

A lot of people carry pepper spray when jogging or hiking. It's a great attack deterent. Whether you're defending yourself against another person or animals, it is highly effective. 

There are countless stories where people are protected when they use pepper spray for self defense. 

What We Like

  • Non-lethal - making a mistake is usually not permanent
  • Quick to deploy
  • Light weight

Tips and Recommendations

  • carry a canister in your purse or bag
  • keep one in the car
  • buy one to practice with - don't use upwind to avoid spraying on yourself
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