21 02 22 12 37 42 original 600x600 propane heater
21 02 22 12 37 42 original 600x600 propane heater

Propane Heater

Whether you need heat during a get together or a power outage, a propane heater is a great option. While it is intended for outdoor use, it can keep a considerable space warm.

Use it for work spaces, dining spaces, etc - as long as they are outdoors.


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Survival Purpose

In an emergency you may need to warm an outdoor space. If you're unable to enter your home you may need to keep warm outdoors. If you must evacuate, you may need heat in transit to your next destination.

An emergency propane heater uses standard propane cylinders.

What We Like

  • Heats up a 200 sq. ft. space like a patio
  • Stainless steel construction resists rust and grime
  • Super portable

Tips and Recommendations

  • Keep multiple propane cylinders on hand so you can use one while you swap out an empty one
  • Keep kids safe
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby
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