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QUADKIT Emergency Kit

The QUADKIT™ 4-in1 off-road emergency kit for Quads, ATVs, UTVs, 4x4s, SxS

Designed for adventurers, the gear and supplies in this kit are ideal for exactly the emergency and survival gear you'd want in a pinch out on the trail.. Be ready for your next outing!

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Why We Love the QUADKIT™ 4-in-1 Emergency Kit

When most adventurers first buy an off-road vehicle they start to outfit it with essential gear and supplies. They want to have the right items on hand in case of an emergency.

QUADKIT™ 4-in-1 Emergency Kit Contents

The QUADKIT 4-in-1 off-road emergency kit was designed to make gearing up your off-road vehicle easy and convenient. One kit gets you started, keeps your gear organized, and reduces the cost of buying everything separately. It consists of 4 specialized kits with essential gear and supplies needed while offroading. There's also space for you to customize the kit to fit your off-road vehicle.

Auto Kit

The auto kit contains tools required for common repairs. Booster cables for a battery jump, a tow strap to get out of a bind, spare fuses, pliers and a wrench for repairs, and tire plug kit for flat fixes. 

First Aid Kit and Shelter

The first aid kit features basic first aid items to treat minor injuries. You'll find: bandage pack (bandages, knuckle bandages, butterfly bandages), compressed gauze, wound dressings and pads, antiseptic wipes, a compression wrap, latex gloves, medical tape moleskin, tweezers. Also find basic shelter: rain poncho, emergency blanket and a tissue/toilet paper pack - all in a handy organizer bag.

Survival Kit

The survival kit features tools and supplies commonly needed in an emergency. It includes: 14-function multitool, hand-crank rechargeable flashlight, ferro rod and fire starter rope segments, wire saw, signal whistle, mirror and marker, compass, folding knife and spork, pill container, basic fishing kit, compact screw drivers - all in a handy organizer bag.

Fastener Kit

The fastener kit includes very handy items to secure gear, repair camp supplies or vehicles, or connect items. You'll find 2 types of tape, bungee cords, zip ties, and paracord - all in a handy organizer bag.


Be sure to acquire training for tools and supplies as needed. Use caution any time you’re on the trail:

  • Keep this kit away from children
  • Be careful with all bladed tools. They are sharp. They are not designed for leverage applications. Do not use them in close proximity to others.
  • Be sure to get first aid training to use the first aid supplies correctly.
  • Some items (i.e. zip ties, paracord, bungee cords, etc.) can cause strangulation.
  • Be careful while working on auto applications. Avoid electrical shock or other risks associated with vehicle repair.
  • Be careful when starting or using a fire to use safe fire management and never leave it unattended.
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