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21 02 04 13 14 26 original 600x600 sog power access

SOG PowerAccess Survival Tool

The SOG PowerAccess is super reliable, top-selling survival multi-tool. With 21 essential tools it handles dozens of the most critical functions.

The easy-access blades and tools make it ideal for quick action in an emergency. A quality multi-tool should be a part of every go-bag.

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Survival Purpose

The SOG PowerAccess is an ideal multi-tool for survival. The combination of blades and tools fit so many emergency situations. While it's a little large for Stage 1 essentials pouches, it should be one of the first items you purchase for your go-bag

This one tool can aid in your activities in most of the survival priorities. It can help you build shelter, prepare food, administer first aid, prepare fuel for burning, repair other gear, cut cordage, and so much more. It has just the right selection of tools to keep its weight minimized while providing the best functions.

We've tested a number of multi-tools for survival and the SOG brand stands tall.

What's Included

  • Includes 21 tools, the most for any SOG multi tool
    • compound leverage plier heads
    • 1/4" driver
    • awl
    • fully serrated blade
    • straight edge blade
    • bottle opener
    • can opener
    • chisel
    • 3-sided file
    • medium flat screwdriver
    • small flat screwdriver
    • gripper
    • 1/4" hex bit driver
    • hex bit kit
    • jewelry driver
    • needle nose pliers
    • phillips screwdriver
    • protractor
    • ruler
    • hard wire cutter
    • soft wire cutter
    • wood saw

What We Like

  • Survival Fit - If we could have 1 tool to take into an emergency, this would be it. It covers so many needs directly and helps create or repair many other survival tools. 
  • Sturdy - Leatherman uses Stainless Steel for its products. It holds up as well as any elite multi-tool.
  • Locks - They finally use easy-release blade/tool locks for all of the tools.
  • Blades - There are multiple blades honed for specific function: straight blade, serrated blade, saw, file.
  • Pliers - The pliers include needlenose, regular, and wire cutter functions. I use the pliers as much as any other tool.
  • Drivers - The drivers work on a number of screw head sizes, plus they're reversible for phillips or straight-edge.
  • Metal - The Stainless Steel has never rusted, cleans easily and holds up to some pretty rigorous activity.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Use as intended - while the multi-tool is sturdy, use the individual tools wisely. The blade work great as blades but not so well as levers.
  • Warranty - Leatherman takes their warranty very seriously. They've replaced blades for us when damaged.
  • EDC - some people can justify a multi-tool as EDC but it's too heavy for us. Carry the Freestyle daily and keep the Wave handy for additional functions.
  • Multi-tool Tips - check out our article on multi-tool tips.
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