20 10 26 10 54 58 original 600x600 survival whistle
20 10 26 10 54 58 original 600x600 survival whistle

Survival Whistle

Communicating during an emergency is important. Having a survival whistle when you are cold or weak or unable to yell can make the world of difference.

This aluminum whistle is durable and loud - just the right combo for adding to a go-bag or survival kit.

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Survival Purpose

Remember that scene in the movie Titanic when Rose is too cold to yell for help when the rescue boat is near? She swims to a guy's body in the water and uses his whistle to communicate. 

When you're cold or weak it can be difficult to speak or yell. Blowing lightly into a whistle can produce ample sound that reaches a long way.

This aluminum whistle is sturdy and loud.

What We Like

  • Simplicity - Put it between your lips and blow - easy to use
  • Sturdy - This aluminum can take a beating and still function
  • Loud - You can hear this from a LONG ways away

Tips and Recommendations

  • Don't blow on this in the house near the dog
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