20 11 06 07 37 52 original 600x600 toiletry kit
20 11 06 07 37 52 original 600x600 toiletry kit

Toiletry Kit

Add a toiletry kit to your 72 hour kit or go-bag. Keeping yourself clean and comfortable in a survival setting can be very important. keep a travel toiletry kit on hand for evacuation scenarios. You want to be ready with basic self care supplies.

Replace some of the items with supplies you normally use. The key is to be ready.

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Survival Purpose

Having toiletry and hygiene supplies on hand for a bug-out or evacuation situation is very important. Many survivalists imagine a time when there are no modern resources. We recommend postponing that reality as long as possible. Add a travel kit to your emergency supplies. 

Over the years we've gotten pretty good at this. We cut toothbrushes in half to save weight, we have the exact medications we think we might need, and we have some creature comforts handy.

This may sound weird but we recommend keeping a year's supply of the essentials. During COVID-19 toilet paper shortages we didn't worry. People around us were bartering for rolls while we had an ample supply on hand. Lesson learned??

What We Like

  • Everything Included - everything from toothpaste to body wipes to shaving supplies this kit has it all
  • Price - You get what you need and it's very affordable

Tips and Recommendations

  • Customize - make the kit yours by swapping out items you must have to be comfortable
  • Light Weight - minimize the packing weight with travel size versions of items
  • Two Kits - keep a travel version in your go-bag but then keep a larger version with multiples of each full size supply so you can have longer term supplies on hand
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