Pet Emergency Kits

Pet Kit Checklist

Some people think of their pets as children. Our dog pretty much runs the household. When an emergency arises it's key to have a plan and a pet emergency kit so you can keep your pet with you or leave it with someone at the drop of a hat.

Consider these checklist items so you are prepared to protect your pet in an emergency. 

Pet Emergency Kits Checklist:

  • Records of medical shots, etc.
  • Container for fresh water
  • Food for a period of time
  • Transport container, leash, carrier
  • Blanket or shelter
  • Specific supplies for your species

It makes sense to sit down for a minute and list out all of the items your pet requires for survival. Make a list and then put it somewhere handy so you can grab the supplies and go at a moment's notice.

Also, consider keeping your pet sitter on speed dial so you can contact them if needed. Have a backup just in case.

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