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20 10 27 06 57 11 original 600x600 base layer

Base Layer

Keep your body warm in cold weather or a cool evening with ultra-popular base layer/long johns. This top/bottom combo is ideal for go-bags and emergency kits.

This highly-rated insulated under layer is just the right weight to keep you warm without making you sweat. Pair it with other cold-weather outerwear to keep your body warm.

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Survival Purpose

Staying warm is one of the top survival priorities. Cold weather and temperatures are one of the biggest threats to outdoor survival. Covering your body with an insulated base layer is one of the keys to keeping warm. 

This thermal clothing is designed with four way stretch compression for freedom during outdoor activities. The fabric will prevent chafing and irritation of skin. The thermal fitness shirt is made of moisture wicking and breathable fabric, which will absorb sweat and dry quickly after exercise. The provide comfort and warmth during cold weather emergencies. The top is a long sleeve shirt and the bottoms are base layer pants. They’re really light, soft and comfortable, especially for keeping warm in cold conditions.

Learn to stay warm with clothing layers, shelter, and fire.

What We Like

  • Insulated - will keep you warm 
  • Light Weight - easy to pack and carry
  • Durable - holds up for years of regular use

Tips and Recommendations

  • Go-Bag - keep one of these in your bug-out-bag
  • Sweat - try not to sweat - if you are active in an emergency shed layers to keep from sweating while remaining warm. if you shed layers, don't discard them, put them back in your bag or a pocket.
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