20 10 22 09 31 43 original 600x600 wallet rfid blocking
20 10 22 09 31 43 original 600x600 wallet rfid blocking

Minimalist Wallet

Perfect minimalist wallet for every day carry. It allows you to carry the minimal cards, currency, ID and other items that you need on a regular basis. 

The leather holds up well and the RFID defense blocks some identity theft. Add this wallet to your EDC items to reduce weight while having with you what you need.

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Survival Purpose

Carry the financial and identity items you need daily without packing a large wallet. This light weight, durable leather wallet is perfect for the minimalist. 

Some people don't carry a watch or bracelets or rings, etc. They want the bare minimum extra weight and bulk. This wallet fits those objectives perfectly.

What We Like

  • Just Right Slots - carry the cards, cash, and ID you need
  • Durable - for $10 this leather wallet holds up well
  • Black - matches anything

Tips and Recommendations

  • Carry your wallet in your front pocket because it's harrder to steal
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