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20 10 26 15 13 46 original 600x600 carabiner %28non climbing%29

Carabiner (non-climbing)

Carabiners can be used to secure survival gear to packs or attach items with loops. This carabiner is a standard locking device for carrying common emergency gear.

While it is NOT meant for climbing it is reliable. It is a very light weight method for attaching your items.

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Survival Purpose

We keep a few light weight carabiners on the loops on our packs. We attach hats and other light gear we might need quick access to. I've seen compasses, sunscreen tubes, glow sticks, canteens, toilet paper, etc dangling on the outside of packs.

What We Like

  • Sturdy but Light Weight - carabiners can hold a lot of weight typically
  • Easy Attachment - unlock, open the gate, loop through the item and close the gate - quick and easy
  • Locking - the simple locks keep the gate from getting bumped open

Tips and Recommendations

  • Drop Damage - if you drop one, check it for fractures
  • NOT FOR CLIMBING - don't use a carabiner to support a person's weight unless it is rated for it - this one is NOT
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