21 02 22 12 37 17 original 600x600 duct tape
21 02 22 12 37 17 original 600x600 duct tape

Duct Tape

Duct tape is one of the most versatile products for emergencies and survival. It's used to stow gear, patch tents and shelters, repair broken pipes and other gear. 

Emergency duct tape is so affordable we recommend buying multiple rolls so you're prepared.

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Survival Purpose

Duct tape is a well known top survival supply. We've seen it used to repair systems in a home, keep a car running, repair tents, hold tools together, and more. Uses:

  • temporarily repair pipes (under minimal pressure)
  • patch cloth
  • patch tents
  • hold gear together
  • stow gear
  • create makeshift shoes

What We Like

  • Sticks to nearly anything
  • Super strong
  • Quick deployment

Tips and Recommendations

  • Clean any surface you apply it to
  • Add multiple layers to anything under even a little pressure.
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