20 10 27 06 48 47 original 600x600 grain mill   hand crank
20 10 27 06 48 47 original 600x600 grain mill   hand crank

Grain Mill - Hand Crank

When the grid is down your food storage becomes very important. Having the ability to process that food is equally important. 

This manual hand crank grain mill is a synch to set up and use. It does take some effort because but the leverage it gives you to process grain into powder makes baking breads, etc pretty straight forward.

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Survival Purpose

In a long term power outage processing grains into flower would make a world of difference. Having the ability to produce baking flower for breads would provide tasty calories and nutrients. 

We love our hand mill. We've set it up a number of times to practice with the long term stored wheat in our pantry. It took a bit of getting used to but we finally figured out how to produce enough flower for a couple of loaves of bread. 

This hand mill is highly rated and reviewed. It's durable and straight forward.

What We Like

  • Easy Setup - Attach the mill to a table or counter, add grain and crank
  • Compact - it doesn't take up much space in a cupboard when not in use
  • Great Crank Ratio - the crank ratio makes grinding the wheat or grain into flower a breeze

Tips and Recommendations

  • Practice before an emergency - when you're hungry the last thing you want to think about is how to put together some gadget.
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