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20 10 27 06 52 00 original 600x600 snares

Hunting Snares

Sturdy, easy-to-use animal snares for emergency food production. These snares are easy to set up and very effective. They're much more reliable than hand made snares from cheap wire.

We recommend using these for emergencies when food is scarce and you're in need of protein. They'll work on most small to medium sized animals.

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Survival Purpose

If the grid goes down, hunting, fishing and foraging will be the new norm. People who are able to produce their own food will survive. Having quality snares on hand can mean the difference between full bellies and hunger. 

We carry a couple of small snares in our Stage 1 essential gear pouch - that's right...Stage 1. That means we have them in our day packs, vehicles, etc. If we get caught outside for a long period of time we have some fishing gear and the snares to survive. We also carry more and larger snares in our Stage 3 household kit.

We realize some people may be uneasy about animal cruelty. We agree. This type of hunting can be cruel. However, if the choice is to hunt and eat or sit and go hungry most people would find snaring a great option.

What We Like

  • Sturdy - these snares are WAY more sturdy than the wire from some kits
  • Easy to Use - snares are easy to set up and manage
  • Effective - if you know what to do you can catch a regular meal over and over

Tips and Recommendations

  • YouTube - do a little research now how to set a snare trap and where to put it for a high chance of meal capture
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