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21 01 28 13 09 59 original 600x600 sleeping bag

Teton Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The Teton 0 Degree cold-weather mummy sleeping bag is a great cold-weather sleeping bag. Keeping a lightweight, cold weather sleeping bag on hand can be very handy in an evacuation scenario. In moments when you need to grab your gear and go you want to have comfortable, durable options for getting a good night sleep.

Pair it with a pad and tent or tarp and this mummy bag is perfect for use in an emergency shelter. Store it near your go-bag so it's ready to go.

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Survival Purpose

One of the primary survival priorities in an evacuation scenario is to keep out of extreme elements and keep your body at a healthy temperature. Having a warm sleeping bag for your emergency shelter can make a huge difference in getting rest and staying comfortable at night. 

A durable, lightweight sleeping bag is required for a comfortable night. Right at 4 pounds, this large mummy bag is made of high-quality material: Shell: 40D Water-Resistant Ripstop, Lining: Brushed Poly-Flannel makes the sleeping bag ultra soft and rip resistent, so it can keep you warm even in extreme weather and prevent you from any dampness. They feature a full-length anti-snag main zipper and added ventilation block. The anatomically shaped footbox minimizes heat buildup and gives you plenty of room to wiggle your toes, flex your feet, and find a comfy sleeping position. The top portion is built for maximum loft and warmth, the bottom portion retains a blanket-like feel for all-night comfort. 

We use our zero sleeping bags a lot on backpacking overnighters. The one universal lesson we've learned is that spending time in the outdoors after a bad night's sleep is MISERABLE. Being comfortable, warm and getting a good night's sleep is PARAMOUNT to keeping it together during the days. If you have the budget, this is one area we highly recommend investing in a great high-end sleeping bag.

What We Like

  • Light Weight - At 4 pounds the mummy bag and stuff sack make a great addition to a go-bag. 
  • Designed for Mobility - Once stowed in its bag the sleeping bag fits snuggly in a pack for on-the-go mobility.
  • Water Resistant - The polyester shell and fill offer some resistance to water and even when wet the bag continues to insulate to some degree.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Trial Run - Take it camping so you know how to set it up and stow it away after. 
  • Store It Dry - If you use it, put it away clean and dry so it doesn't mildew.
  • Put It Back - If you use it, put it back. Emergency gear has a tendency to walk off when raided for common use.
  • Comfort Is Key - When you set it up you're goal is to make a great night's sleep. Find a place on the ground where you can put your pad and be the most comfortable.
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