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Wise Owl Hammock

A hammock is a very light weight, compact, versatile shelter and sleeping option. The Wise Owl Hammock is a top rated product and we love it for survival situations - weather permitting.

Stow it in your go-bag along with your sleeping bag and tarp and you're set. Some people swear by the improvement in comfort over a pad on the ground.

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Survival Purpose

In a survival situation having a light weight, portable option for shelter and comfortable sleeping is very important. A hammock is a great option for evacuation scenarios. 

My daughter swears by sleeping in a hammock. She has very little interest in sleeping on the ground in a tent. 

The Wise Owl hammock has a huge number of 5 star ratings. If a hammock is right for your situation for emergency prep, we recommend this one.

What We Like

  • Rapid Setup - We can set this hammock up in minutes, faster than a 2-pole tent.
  • Light Weight - A hammock is much lighter than a tent.
  • Comfort - This is a personal preference. I'm 6'4 and can't get comfortable in a hammock but my daughter won't sleep in anything else.
  • Flexibility - You can set up a hammock in locations you can't put a tent. My daughter finds the sketchiest locations (over rocks, streams, bushes, etc).

Tips and Recommendations

  • Rain Cover - make sure you are protected from the rain, we recommend a dedicated hammock rainfly or better yet, a versatile camping tarp that can be used for other functions.
  • Bug Cover - most parts of the country have bugs; a hammock bug screen is a great addition.
  • Insulation - Since you don't have a pad for insulation your sleeping bag and clothing needs to insulate well.
  • Seasonal - Unless you are insulated very well a hammock may not provide enough protection.
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