20 10 22 09 38 56 original 600x600 organizer cans
20 10 22 09 38 56 original 600x600 organizer cans

Stackable Organizer for Cans

This stackable food can rack is perfect for food storage. We recommend up to a year supply of food, 3 months of it should be day-to-day food including canned foods. 

This storage system is perfect for your emergency food supply. It's light weight and easy to set up.

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Survival Purpose

Keep your food storage organized with this stackable wire can organizer. Set up the racks along your shelves and keep your items in a first in, first out rotation. 

We use ours for product organization. We put vegitables on one rack, chilli on another, and so forth. We have reduced the number of cardboard cases in our pantry and found we can use the space much more efficiently.

What We Like

  • Stackable - make the best use of your shelf space
  • Light Weight - canned food is heavy enough, this wire rack system doesn't add much to the overall bulk

Tips and Recommendations

  • Organize the cans so the oldest items are in front so you can keep the newest stock for later
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