20 10 26 11 50 42 original 600x600 wise food storage 1 year
20 10 26 11 50 42 original 600x600 wise food storage 1 year

Wise Food Storage 1 Year

Store 1 year of ready-made emergency food for survival purposes. A plastic bin contains 120 servings, enough food pouches for 1 month for one person. 

The dehydrated foods have a 25 year shelf life. They taste great and have the right nutrients for healthy living. To prepare, just add hot water.

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Survival Purpose

Food is one of the top survival priorities. While we recommend storing sealed cans of raw foods (grain, oats, dried potatoes, rice, sugar, etc) we strongly recommend having ready-made dehydrated foods on hand. Whether you need to grab-and-go or alternate ready made meals with cook-from-scratch meals, having food that can be prepared in minutes with only hot water is a huge plus.

We've tried Wise foods. They're great meals. Our family loves the lasagna. We'd eat it for every meal if it made sense. :) 

These bins offer 1 year of food for one person. You can have peace of mind knowing you have important nutrients on hand in an emergency. We store bins of dehydrated foods along with raw foods. We practice preparing them frequently and rotate the stock so we never risk getting to the 25 year life.

What We Like

  • Just Add Water - whether camping or surviving, you can have a hot meal ready in minutes by just adding hot water. 
  • Taste - these meals are great. Buy some to try. 
  • Shelf Life - the dehydrated food lasts for 25 years
  • Compact Storage - the bins contain tightly packed, individual pouches of food. You can stack the bins to minimize space.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Rotate stock - make sure you don't have to throw food away at 25 years
  • Raw foods - also storge raw foods (grains, etc) 
  • 1 year - it's recommended you storge 1 year of food supplies and the means to prepare the food
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