20 11 06 15 19 31 original 600x600 stove fuel
20 11 06 15 19 31 original 600x600 stove fuel

Stove Fuel

Four season, high performance, blended fuel for camping and outdoor adventures. Works great with Jetboil and other camping stoves. 

The isobutane canister has a standard threaded connector. It fits well in a go-bag. While it's not ideal for long-term fuel, it is perfect for travel and transit.

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Survival Purpose

Carry a can in your go bag for immediate use. Store several with your support gear just in case. Since the canisters are not refillable, they're not the best long term fuel source but they're great for short term on-the-go situations.

We take them camping all the time. The boys in our Scout troop are pros at making ready-made meals. Boil some water, mix it in and wait a few minutes for a hot meal. 

What We Like

  • Light weight - Most backpacking stoves these days are very light weight - the fuel canister is relatively light as well.
  • Perfect for Outdoor Survival - So many ready-to-eat meals only require rehydration. The dedicated camp stove can produce enough hot water for a quick meal.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Follow the instructions - Make sure to use it as intended. Use inside a tent or other structure can be dangerous.
  • Practice with it - go camping or use it at home to make a few meals before needing it in an emergency. 
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