20 10 26 10 58 31 original 600x600 waterproof bushcraft tarp
20 10 26 10 58 31 original 600x600 waterproof bushcraft tarp

Waterproof Bushcraft Tarp

Aqua Quest bushcraft camping shelters are high-end camping tarps which are ideal for bug-out situations. They're ultra-light weight, durable and meant for the outdoor elements. 

They can be configured in a number of ways to provide the perfect shelter. They're highly water-repellent and UV-resistant. 

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Survival Purpose

One of the primary survival priorities in an evacuation scenario is to keep out of extreme elements and keep your body at a healthy temperature. Of course you can build a wilderness shelter but having one handy saves a lot of energy and brings piece of mind. 

The Aqua Quest Safari Tarp is a high end tarp system that serves as a great survival shelter. It is weather proof (wind, rain, sun) and a very light weight addition to a go-bag and should be part of Stage 2 in your survival system. Compare it with the budget friendly camping tarp system. If weight is a big issue, this could replace a tent and serve the same purpose.

Our camping tarp gets used for so many events. We use it under tents (folded), as a canopy, as a wind break, and more. When we get home we dry it out and store it with our emergency bug-out-gear. 

What We Like

  • Durable - It's made with: 70D nylon fabric + Non-toxic dual Silicone & PU coating + Reinforced stitching + Heat taped seams = Lightweight but Tough!
  • Light Weight - At just over a pound the tarp makes a great addition to a go-bag. Instant shelter justifies the relatively light weight.
  • Minimalist - The tarp isn't complicated. Tie guy lines to the webbing loops to make it a synch to assemble in a hurry.
  • Designed for Mobility - Once stowed in its bag the tent fits snuggly in a pack for on-the-go mobility.
  • Weatherproof - The heat-taped seams and fabric holds out wind, rain, snow, and sun. We've experienced harsh elements when in the wilderness and a tarp of this quality repells it all.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Trial Run - Take it camping so you know how to set it up and stow it away after. 
  • Store It Dry - If you use it, put it away clean and dry so it doesn't mildew.
  • Put It Back - If you use it, put it back. Emergency gear has a tendency to walk off when raided for common use.
  • Comfort Is Key - When you set it up you're goal is to make a great night's sleep. Find a place on the ground where you can put your pad and be the most comfortable.
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