20 10 26 15 08 33 original 600x600 earbuds
20 10 26 15 08 33 original 600x600 earbuds


Use the earbuds for continuous listening of 2-way radios/walkie talkies or informational channels on standard 1-way radios. Some situations don't allow for audible noise but you may need to hear incoming communication. 

These earbuds are affordable and durable and connect with standard 3.5mm jacks. Eartips are multi-sized to fit any ear.

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Survival Purpose

Stay quiet when you need to but continue to receive valuable communication and information by using these standard earbuds with your 1-way or 2-way radio. The buds are comfortable and will fit nearly any ear.

What We Like

  • Comfortable - the eartips are pretty comfortable to the touch
  • Cost - they are very affordable
  • Compact - you can stow them nearly anywhere

Tips and Recommendations

  • Keep these with your radios - you may even tape them to the radio
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