20 10 26 10 51 18 original 600x600 ferro rod with striker
20 10 26 10 51 18 original 600x600 ferro rod with striker

Ferro Rod with Striker

A ferrocerium (ferro) rod and striker are used for fire starting when other options aren't available or when there's moisture. In an emergency, having a fire super important. The sooner you can get warm or cook food the better.

This rod/striker combo are waterproof & weatherproof, fits all weather, works in any weather condition. The longer rod makes it so much more effective.

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Survival Purpose

Getting a fire started in an emergency when you're relocated to the outdoors is so important. A ferro rod and striker produce intensely hot sparks that can light any dry tinder on fire. 

We've tested them and found that the short rods with a small striker are very frustrating. You can get a fire going but you waste a lot of energy. Longer rods produce huge amouns of hot sparks making tinder start right up. 

We're not a fan of magnesium bars because you have to scrape them and dull a tool. Besides, the shavings blow away or fall on the ground and you have to start over.

This ferro rod is super effective. Sparks shower at 5,500 F (3,000 C) to ignite a fire in any weather(even wet), at any altitude:

  • Rain
  • Shine
  • Snow
  • Wind
  • Fallout
  • High-altitude

The bright spark can be used as an emergency signal or to deter attackers.

What We Like

  • Reliable - Amazing ratings and review indicate great function
  • Effective - A well placed spark in the right tinder is a formula for a great fire and you're in business
  • Sturdy - a lighter is breakable but a ferro rod is pretty solid

Tips and Recommendations

  • Be safe! - don't burn yourself and make your emergency worse
  • Keep away from kids - kids love fire but don't respect it - just ask the Scouts
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