20 10 26 10 48 54 original 600x600 lighter
20 10 26 10 48 54 original 600x600 lighter


A BIC lighter is the go-to for fire starting. In an emergency, having an instant flame to start your fire is paramount. The sooner you can get warm or cook food the better.

Every BIC lighter undergoes more than 50 separate, automatic quality checks during the manufacturing process

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Survival Purpose

Starting fire for warmth and cooking is one of the primary outdoor survival priorities. Many fire starting methods require too much energy and time. Having a simple, time-tested lighter is the best option to get going quickly.

BIC lighters have been around forever and millions of people use them on a regular basis. The are reliable and relatively safe.

We use them for camping before we try any other method. The key is to use dry tinder and fuel and organize it for great draft.

What We Like

  • Reliable - Amazing ratings and review indicate great function - I've never had one fail
  • Instant - One flick and you're in business with a sustainable flame
  • Quality Tested - Each lighter is rigorouslly tested in factory

Tips and Recommendations

  • Be safe! - don't burn yourself and make your emergency worse
  • Keep away from kids - kids love fire but don't respect it - just ask the Scouts
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