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Hot Strike Ferro Rod Fire Starter

PREMIUM FIRE STARTER The Hot Strike Ferro Rod is the most reliable fire starter for long term use. It can start hundreds or thousands of fires. It works in nearly any condition, including when the rod is wet.

It's perfect for campfires and stoves, emergency and survival fires, backyard use (fire pit), bushcraft, hiking, hunting, EDC, BBQ and more. It requires no batteries, butane or other accelerants and it lasts forever.

Simply strike it with a steel edge at the right angle and a shower of sparks falls onto your tinder.

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How to Use a Ferro Rod to Build a fire

The Hot Strike Ferro Rod is pretty easy to use. Go here for the basic steps to start a fire. To use a ferro rod do the following:

  1. Prepare Your Fuel and Fire Site (MUST BE DRY!!)
    • Set up a SAFE fire site away from dry grass and debris. This ferro rod produces hot sparks.
    • Gather branches, sticks, wood shavings, dead grass and other fuels.
    • Place a bed of sticks or fuel as a base/ground layer so no heat is lost to the ground.
    • LOOSELY set a bundle of dead/dry grass, small twigs, or wood shavings on the base/ground layer.
    • Set all of your other fuel nearby for quick access. Keep the smallest (DRY) fuel closest.
  2. Using the Ferro Rod
    • Separate the premium striker from the rod by separating the buckles. (optional - remember to connect them again)
    • Use the striker to scrape off the protective black coating on one side of the rod. The flamable ferrocerium material is a bright metallic color.
    • Locate the sharp edges of the striker (opposite side of the ruler - you should be able to see the word "UP" when striking).
    • Hold the tip of the rod just above your small fuel and fire site.
    • Firmly hold the end of the rod (end with the lanyard) in one hand and hold the sharp edge of the striker against the rod at a 45 degree angle. 
    • Scrape agressively toward the open end of the rod while holding the striker at around 45 degrees. Bright sparks will shower your fuel near the end of the rod.
    • Scrape the rod to produce sparks on your dry fuel until the sparks ignite the fuel and you see a flame. 
    • Gently blow on the fuel with the flame to remove smoke and allow the fire to breathe. 
    • As the grass, shavings or small twigs begin to burn, add additional small pieces of fuel until the fire is self sustaining and you can add larger wood.

Hot Strike Ferro Rod Functions

LONG LASTING This rod can last for years. The thick ferro rod can produce over 10,000 strikes at over 5000 deg F. It can produce thousands of fires. This rod will outlast a lighter and most other forms of fire starter. It is perfect for Go Bags, Bug Out Bags, 72 Hour Kits, etc. even if you also have a lighter already in the pack.

LARGE FERRO ROD The Hot Strike Ferro Rod consists of the ideal blend of ferrocerium metal material for the perfect fire starting flint and steel tool. When struck with the included striker it produces a large shower of hot sparks for your prepared dry tinder. The length 5 in (12.7 cm) is ideal for a long, full strike and the width 1/2 in (1.3cm) is ideal for a firm grip. 

HIGH QUALITY STRIKER The steel striker is designed to remove just the right amount of rod material and light it as it is scraped off the rod. The striker handle is the right size for a firm grip while minimizing weight.

PARACORD LANYARD WITH BUCKLE The lanyard is designed to secure the striker to the rod to keep the tools together. A handy buckle has been added to the lanyard to temporarily separate the tools while in use. Separation of the tools allows you to manuver and make a full, long strike. The flat braid reduces bulk and weight. The black paracord lanyard is used for concealment whilte the orange lanyard is ideal for locating the tools in grass or snow.

Best Emergency Fire Starter There is no better emergency/survival fire starter than a thick, long ferro rod. They are long lasting and work whether they are wet or dry. A 5 x 1/2 inch rod will produce over 10,000 strikes. If used correctly, they'll start hundreds of fires. No other fire starting tool is as long lasting and reliable.

Composition The Hot Strike Ferro Rod has the perfect blend of metal material for the ultimate fire starter. It is strong and durable but just soft enough for the striker to shave a hot shower of sparks at over 5400 degrees F. 

Size The perfect fire rod is long enough for a great strike, thick enough to last a long time, and yet not excessive in weight.

Strike The Hot Strike is ideal for starting fires. Assemble your tinder bundle with dry grass, wood shavings, or bark and shower it with hot sparks. In no time you'll have a flame to build your fire.

How to Use Create a tinder bundle out of dry grass, wood shavings, bark material. Separate the rod from the striker. Hold the rod firmly in one hand. Scrape off the black protective coating with the striker. Hold the rod firmly at 45% toward the tinder bundle in a safe space. Firmly scrape the striker downward in a quick stroke. The sparks will land on the tinder bundle. Scrape again until the tinder bundle lights.


The reliable Hot Strike Ferro Rod is ideal for bug out bags, 72-hour kits, camping, fire pits, and more. It can be stored long term or used day to day.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Ferro Rod
  • 1 Striker
  • 1 Paracord Lanyard
  • 1 Buckle


A ferro rod is a fire starter. This ferro rod produces a large amount of sparks when used. Be careful to contain the sparks. The striker and rod are connected. Be sure they are not able to accidentally strike one another and create incidental sparks. Respect a ferro rod like you do an open flame.


  • Color: Silver with a black protective coating
  • Material: Ferrocerium
  • Weight: 4.2 oz
  • Dimensions: 5 x 1/2 in (12.7 x 1.27cm)
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