21 02 17 12 23 28 original 600x600 bleed stop
21 02 17 12 23 28 original 600x600 bleed stop

Bleed Stop

Stop bleeding quickly with quick clot bleed stop powder. Include this packet in your first aid kit especially if you are outdoors or away from home. 

Get the first aid training you need to use this effective clotting powder.

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Survival Purpose

Some cuts or wounds can be life threatening if the bleeding can't be stopped. This quick clot bleed stop is incredibly helpful in a high-flow bleeder. We recommend pairing with a pressure dressing or tourniquet if you know how to use them.

The powder can be quickly deployed in an emergency and improves survival odds significantly. The first aid anti-bleed powder should be carried when hunting, hiking, using a field knife, farming/ranching, among many other professional or recreational settings.

What We Like

  • Quick deployment
  • Super effective
  • Buys you the time you need to get to the hospital

Tips and Recommendations

  • Get trained - a high-flow bleeding situation can be very dangerous; knowing how to manage it quickly is critical
  • Gear up - make sure you have the right support supplies like a pressure bandage, etc.
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