20 10 27 06 27 50 original 600x600 first aid cabinet   large   workplace   ansiosha
20 10 27 06 27 50 original 600x600 first aid cabinet   large   workplace   ansiosha

First Aid Cabinet - Large - Workplace - ANSI/OSHA

This first aid cabinet is intended for large organizations. It has hundreds of supplies to treat common first aid situations at work, church or other places of large gatherings. 

Most supplies are simple bandages, creams, and cleansing pads. While there aren't advanced trauma supplies this kit will accommodate the most common injuries.

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Survival Purpose

We recommend this emergency first aid cabinet for office and church settings. The supplies are easy to use and basic for most people. It is well organized and very sturdy.

What We Like

  • Hard Metal Cabinet - The metal cabinet is intended to be mounted to a wall. Supplies are easy to access.
  • Easy-to-use Medical Supplies - The supplies in this first aid kit are intended for daily use. It contains supplies to cover many of the most common first aid needs.
  • Perfect for Home or Office - This is the perfect day-to-day first ait kit. 

Tips and Recommendations

  • Refill the kit - Large groups of people can deplete a kit like this quickly. Keep an eye on it and refill as needed.
  • Get trained - If you buy this kit, make sure you know how to use all of the supplies.

Included Supplies

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