20 10 27 16 39 27 original 600x600 trauma kit   large
20 10 27 16 39 27 original 600x600 trauma kit   large

Trauma Kit - Large

Advanced trauma first aid kit designed for survival and emergency situations. The large size includes extra essential supplies. The first aid bag is durable water-resistant nylon, featuring strong nylon straps with padding for comfortable and easy carrying, reflective striping for visibility on both the bag and the strap webbing, and logos embroidered directly into the bag for durability. This emergency first aid kit is great for EMT first responders and is ideal for schools and community centers or even for sports teams and gyms. 

It is designed to be well-organized and customizable so that you can access what you need when you need it

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Survival Purpose

This trauma first aid kit contains advanced gear and supplies. It is designed for professionals and people trained in advanced first aid. We consider it a Stage 3 resource for family, household, and larger group settings.

What We Like

  • Durable Bag with Dividers - It's the perfect size pouch for EDC or day pack usage. I use it for packpacking as well.
  • Advanced Medical Supplies - The supplies in this kit are intended for advanced or field use. EMTs and other pros may find this to be the perfect bag. It contains supplies that are rare in most standard kits. 
  • Extra Space - Pros will add custom supplies for their specific needs.
  • Perfect for Survival - If you can't get to a medical facility the gear in this bag could be lifesaving. You can diagnose injuries and illnesses and treat a large number of situations.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Add supplies - Customize this kit for your situation and household individuals.
  • Get trained - Misuse of some of the supplies in this kit can be very dangerous. If you buy this kit, get trained and make sure you know how to use all of the supplies.

Trauma Kit Includes

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