20 10 27 06 41 36 original 600x600 tourniquet
20 10 27 06 41 36 original 600x600 tourniquet


A tourniquet is a very effective treatment for bleeding wounds in the field. We recommend you have one in every first aid kit and get trained on how to use it.

Stopping a heavy bleed is a high survival priority. Most bleed stops require pressure and a tourniquet is very effective at applying intense pressure. Stop severe bleeds to save lives.

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Survival Purpose

A tourniquet is effective for severe bleeding situations when you need to stop the bleeding to save a life for bleed injuries in the field. They apply so much pressure to a body limb that fluid movement is stopped. You can lose a limb if you use a tourniquet so we strongly recommend getting trained to know when and how to use one.

Every first aid kit should have one for serious cuts and trauma situations. 

What We Like

  • Effective and Proven - research on the internet indicates tourniquets can be effective in the field

Tips and Recommendations

  • If you get one, learn how to use it appropriately so you're not learning on the go and wasting valuable time
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