20 11 06 09 24 10 original 600x600 emergency fishing kit
20 11 06 09 24 10 original 600x600 emergency fishing kit

Emergency Fishing Kit

This fishing kit contains the basics needed to catch protein in a survival setting. It comes in a durable metal container. It has the necessities to rig your pole or stick and catch your dinner.

It's the perfect size for your personal survival kit, small first aid or emergency fishing kit. Includes a variety of jigs, flies, hooks, leaders, tube of salmon eggs or crappie nibbles, split shot, fishing line, and bobbers.

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Survival Purpose

Carry a compact fishing kit in your emergency kit or go-bag. The key is to include the right gear while maintaining a low weight and bulk. The ASE Survival Fishing Kit  was designed as a collaborative effort between survivalists and avid fishermen. 

The Contents include:

  • 1 Metal Durable Tin Container
  • 1 Swirl Tail Grub Jig
  • 1 Tiny Shad Jig
  • 2 1/16 Unpainted Round Jig Heads
  • Tube of Salmon Eggs or Crappie Nibbles
  • 1 Size 10 1/8 Fly
  • 2 #4 Hooks
  • 2 #6 Hooks
  • 2 #8 Hooks
  • 1 Wire Wound Leader
  • 3 BB Split Shots
  • 3 3/0 Split Shots
  • 2 Tooth Pick Float Bobbers
  • 1 50 ft - 12lb Line.

An automated fishing method would allow you to go do something else: set snares, build an archery set, tend to a fire, etc. These definitely belong in a go-bag.

What We Like

  • Compact Kit - This kit fits nearly any survival pack or essentials pouch
  • Light Weight - This is a very light weight item at only a few ounces
  • Optimal Contents - The kit has the key gear needed to rig an effective line

Tips and Recommendations

  • Add to It - add bait, hooks, a float and other tackle common to the fishing in your area
  • Try It Out - go fishing with it before an emergency so you know what your doing
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