20 11 06 09 25 08 original 600x600 speedhook fishing kit
20 11 06 09 25 08 original 600x600 speedhook fishing kit

Speedhook Fishing Kit

The speedhook emergency fishing system was originally designed for military survival. You can bait the hook, set the kit and leave it to fish for you. It'll automatically set the hook once the fish takes the bait.

This version comes with fishing line, one hook, dehydrated bait and complete instructions. 

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Survival Purpose

In survival settings fishing can be time consuming. Let the speedhook do the waiting and work for you. The idea is that you can bait the hook, set the springloaded trap and anchor it and then leave. When a fish takes the bait the spring is triggered and the fish is hooked and held to the anchor. It was designed for the military and is reportedly still used for survival purposes. It works so well it is banned in some states - be sure to check your regulations for day-to-day usage.

An automated fishing method would allow you to go do something else: set snares, build an archery set, tend to a fire, etc. These definitely belong in a go-bag.

What We Like

  • Automated Fishing - in a survival setting there are a lot of things that can occupy your time and attention. Having a device that catches fish for you is a perfect way to produce protein without burning a bunch of time.
  • Easy to Use - instructions are included but the device is pretty straight forward.
  • Light Weight - This is a very light weight item at only a few ounces.

Tips and Recommendations

  • Add to It - add bait, hooks, a float and other tackle common to the fishing in your area
  • Try It Out - go fishing with it before an emergency so you know what your doing
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